These Popular Science plans are for building a powered hack saw, similar in function to a metal cutting band saw. Contact us with errors, copyright information, problems or suggestions to our plans or DIY info. A "Compact" and well made machine that does the job required that gives you the satisfaction of "I made That".

I am building one for myself, it will be much smaller and will fit on my mini lathe, and use lathe chunk as power.I like to benefit from your experience, so can you please either explain, or send a photo of A A "At the top, just before the wagon I welded a metal ring with a spring loaded ball in it. One suggestion for you though, use cutting fluid on your blade man!!D1waitaks: Your excuse about a bandsaw being too big cant be said for the metal drop saw as they are about the same size as the unit you have made only they cut 100x faster.
Your saw might mean that the operator can do something else for 10min but what if they have nothing to do as they are waiting for that piece to cut, as is so much the case in engineering.

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