We demonstrate some incredible softball plyometric drills that will greatly improve your speed and power, including the tuck jump, hitch hops and bounding. Will you be trying these speed drills with your players?  Do you have a favorite “go-to” speed drill you always use with your players?  Feel free to share below!  And don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook, where we share more great ideas and suggestions for your practice plan!  You can also Follow Us on Twitter and Hangout with us at Google+! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite speed drills that will condition your players for speed and power on their runs – whether they are running the bases, or going after that ball. This a great drill for creating reactive, explosive sprints and developing speed on the base paths.

Most of their models harness a 6 amp motor, though they have other models that have more power.
That’s how we can control the bat and control the ball – by having control of the body first.
I still talk with laborers at the construction job and they all agree that these hammer drills have found a place in their line of work. If you want a smaller bit size you will have to go with a traditional drill that has the hammering option.

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