If you are searching for a high-quality, efficient drills then you truly do not have to look any further than the Dewalt DC970K-2 18-volt model.  Dewalt has been able to maintain a successful reputation over the years for providing some of the very best quality products in small and efficient packages and this particular drill proves that their consistent track record is not coming to an end anytime soon.
Many consumers enjoy this specific drill for its compact design and others appreciate it for its comfort and user-friendly settings.  Regardless of what you prefer when you decide to buy an 18-volt drill, the Dewalt DC970K-2 is more than likely going to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.
One of the key highlights of the Dewalt DC970K-2 that you will notice and benefit from right away is the lightweight structure. The power that comes directly through this particular model has a high level of power that is close to 400 unit watts out.  Along with the power and efficiency, another benefit and praised highlight of this Dewalt drill is that it has an integrated dual speed range that goes up to 1,500 rpm which is truly optimal performance when it is compared to so many of the other comparable models that are also available. Therefore, even if the features and benefits of the Dewalt DC970K-2 do not impress you, you can rest assured in knowing that you are investing in a quality brand as well as a quality product that is guaranteed to provide you with an extensive record of satisfactory service.  It has a lightweight structure, an efficient design, top-notch speed and power along with a high level of performance that goes above and beyond what many other comparable models from competing brands have to offer. Weighing just a little under 4 lbs, the LDX120C will ensure you don’t suddenly find yourself suffering from fatigue, no matter what type of job you might be working on.
It wouldn’t be Black & Decker, if the product in question didn’t come with a variety of features. Variable speed control gives you the ability to utilize countersinking, but without the worry of damaging the material you’re working with. Like all Black & Decker products, the LDX120C is protected by a long-term (2 year) warranty. With all the drills and similar products available on the market right now, choosing one can be a bothersome experience. By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier.
When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. The Dewalt DC970 is a powerful hammer drill weighting 5.2 lbs , with an ergonomically designed mid-tool handle placement . Loading and unloading drill bits to the chuck was an easy task thanks to the locking gear and could be done easily with just one hand – no key required! The DC970KL Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill uses the Dewalt XRP LiOn (Lithium Ion) battery with Nano technology that enables about 40% more operating time with a fraction of the weight and size. The tool felt really powerful when just holding it and running it without drilling anything. Like all other modern drills, the DC970KL has a screwdriver feature with a variable torque clutch setting which enables using the drill as a screwdriver, with fine control over the final depth of the screw.
We tested the DC970’s screw-driving ability and found it as reasonable as other drills. The Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill DC970KL is made of strong plastic sections which, when put together with its metal moving parts and rubber cushions and protectors, give it a feeling of a one piece, strong, well built tool that was built for long term use.
The DC970KL is another one of the Dewalt 18v cordless tool family with the advantage of using one power source for all the tools in the Dewalt family.
The Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill DC970KL is on the higher end of the price range of the 18v hammer drills but the value for money is very good! The Dewalt DC970KL is a compact, powerful hammer drill ergonomicaly designed, well balanced and incredibly durable.
The compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty make this drill a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman. The green shock absorbing rubber is placed generously around the tool protecting from everyday damage and abuse.
The drill performed slightly below the 12v average but as a 10.8 volt tool – it did exceptionally well!
As a driver the Hitachi cordless drill DS10DFL performed nicely – handling small and large screws with good control of the driving speed.
Our power endurance test check how many holes the Hitachi DS10DFl drill can make on 1 battery charge. Using the quick charger set the charging time at 44 minutes – this is the average time for the 12v family.
LED starts working very soon on trigger pull, it is very bright but has a slight shadow from the chuck. Although the drill performed a bit below average of a 12volt drill , we liked this tool very much thanks to its great handling, size, weight and warranty !
We liked the Hitachi DS10DFL very much thanks to its great handling, size, weight and warranty.
The compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty make the Hitachi DS10DFL it a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman.

Drilling is no laughing matter; how you utilize the drill may affect the final outcome of your dream project. For all the fun they are to those who are mechanically inclined, drills are no laughing manner. We specialize in cordless drills, and if you’ve ever used a cord drill or even a cord iron, you know what the issue is. Technology is constantly improving, so fast, in fact, that simple word of mouth recommendations can hardly cut it anymore. Of course, maybe you’re in a rush to get the drill you want, or just aren’t a drill hobbyist who’s into deep analysis. With all of these aspects in mind, we truly believe that we represent your one stop for everything related to drills, as reading the reviews will not only ensure that you find out more about the topic in general, but there are also chances that you’ll learn more about the companies responsible for some of the best products that are available on the market today. Porter-Cable is one of the most renowned companies in the powered tool industry, with a history dating back to 1906. DeWALT is a worldwide renowned company that produces power tools and hand tools for decades.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Most professional contractors and handymen are searching for a compact, lightweight drill that is perfect to use when you are working with tight spaces.  This particular Dewalt model weighs just a little more than five pounds, so you can use it for extended periods of time without feeling like you have a huge burden weighing down your entire arm. This drill has an 11-position clutch that provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic and all screwdriving tasks. When compared with a NiCd type of battery, the 20v MAX lithium-ion battery is miles ahead in quality.
The LDX120C definitely meets the high standards the company has been setting for itself since 1910. Whether you’re drilling into wood, metal or plastic, or if you’re using it as a screwdriver, you can count on an impressive degree of precise control every single time.
The company’s new 16V tools are more powerful than their 12V models but are designed to shave off some of the bulk. Rockwell’s Batteries for Life Program, which is available on all their cordless tools, means that registered tools are covered for the original owner as long as he has the tool. It is well balanced, incredibly durable and its all metal self-tightening, keyless chuck provides excellent bit gripping strength.
Once tightened, the handle stays in place and provides the user with excellent additional stability and pressing power. The self-tightening chuck (as published by Dewalt) seemed very effective and we found no loosening of the bits on any of our tests. This newly designed battery line enabled Dewalt to create a very comfortable tool with great accessibility in tight spots.
The gearbox appears to be well built – when running the drill in full power and then releasing the trigger, the motor and chuck came to an immediate stop.
The loud noise levels recorded here were at 93.6 decibels, forcing us to wear good ear protection gear – we suggest the same for you! When setting the toque to the smallest value, the drill stops driving the screw in and prevents the screw from being placed too deep. When drilling with the tool, it felt like the rubberized areas had been well designed, giving the machine full protection on the job site in everyday use as well as protection from breakage if the tool falls. This tool most definitely will see batteries come and go – but will be here for many years to come. Once you own the battery and charger all you need to do is buy the tool without the need for the battery pack and charger. Its’ Great ergonomics, high durability and great flexibility to work with more tools from the same 18v family give this tool a high score in value for money!
Thanks to its battery design (mostly on the bottom and not inside the handle) the drill handle is very slim and ergonomically designed enabling comfortable handling even for the smallest hand. The bare parts that are not covered by the rubber feel good too thanks to the textured plastic surface.
The torque control worked well and was sensitive enough to stop driving small screws on the smallest torque setting. The tool is covered with rubber in many places that provide better grip and protection against every day wear and tear from use. Even if you’re not a regular drill user, info presented here may spark your interest in becoming an everyday handyman of your home. If such is the case, freely compare the features, costs and other technical aspects of different drills and choose the one that suits you the most.

Leaving this aside, finding the right model for your current needs was and will always be a challenge, especially if you’re not a person who deals with drills on a daily basis. Whether you’re professional builder, a homeowner, a DIYer, or simply looking for a few ratings, guides, or helpful articles before you buy your next cordless drill – We’re here to help! We continue to update our article database and look to give the user what they are looking for. Whether you’re building some furniture, making alterations to your cabinet hardware, or even if you just need to attach something to your wall, the LDX120C is well-suited to the task. The drill felt massive and well built yet when compared to other hammer drills – it is definitely lighter and more compact.
However, in some reviews that we found on other websites, this feature of the self-tightening chuck was found to be a problem when used in reverse, causing it to loosen- but we found no proof of that in our tests . Using the drill as a screwdriver is a personal preferences for people who like it because of the accuracy and better control of the depth placement.
When we called for an inquiry regarding part replacements for the motor – we got a fast and helpful reply. It is so slim and comfortable that I let my 13 year old daughter hold it and she had no problem gripping and handling it (see the picture on the right). All controls, trigger, direction control button and torque ring selector work with ease and are positioned where they can be operated easily without changing the grip on the handle.
Very early in our power test the drill loses its power and performs below average of a a 12v drill.
We bought our drill as part of the combo set that set the tools price to be very cheap and great buy. In the case you have issues locating the best drill, simply contact us – our team of experts will get to you shortly and suggest models that you may require, based on your input.
By reading the great reviews featured on our site which speak about the performance, features, but also reliability of certain drills, you’ll definitely be able to make a well calculated choice which will not be regretted in the end for sure. Oh, and the drill also comes with a LED work light that illuminates the surface for easier drilling in dark places. And with a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery, you know that power is something you can rely on.
More likely than not, you’re not going to have to worry about the battery giving up on you in the middle of a job.
For some reason the industry jumped onto 12V but eschewed 20V (except for the crew at Stanley Black & Decker).
He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions. It feels heavier and bulkier when compared to a standard drill (with no hammer) — but you need to compromise for additional weight for the added hammer drilling option. The reverse and forward selection button is positioned naturally and can be operated smoothly with no big stretch of your index finger and thumb. Others prefer to use an impact driver for screws – for high torque and raw power to penetrate harder materials.
When we analyzed our video of the 12 hole power test we noticed that the 2 first holes were drilled in a speed of 5 seconds per hole and the rest of the holes took longer a time to drill per hole.
Consumer reviews we’ve read around the web claim that similar Hitachi tools were very durable on a long term base use. Drill shopping should be taken seriously, and you need to measure your future drill by many parameters and criteria.
Our site is easy to navigate and with just a little browsing, the best impact driver you have been planning to buy is now only a couple of clicks away. We’re not sure what the street price of the Rockwell will be, but the Bosch is $130 online and the Milwaukee M12 is around $180, so the expected $140 retail puts it appropriately in the middle. The 2 speed selector on the top slides into place easily and enables selection between 0-300 RPM for slow accurate jobs and 0- 1300 RPM for fast drilling. The DS10DFL gets the average score of 4.0 and we think it is a good choice however, we suggest paying a bit more and buying it as part of a set KC10DFL and making it an excellent value for money purchase.
The kit includes two, 1.3 Ah batteries, a 30-minute charger, a double-end screwdriver bit and carrying bag. The included belt hook can be mounted on either side of the tool and the tools features a nice soft grip rubber overmold on the handle.

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