The ClampSaw has three handle positions – 0°, 45°, and 90°, allowing it to be used in corners and tight work areas. Our first (and lasting) impression was that the ClampSaw has great ergonomics and was very thoughtfully designed.
Whether by function or design, the motor housing is slightly narrower on the top and bottom, providing a perfect fit for my left supporting hand. The saw also features a variable-speed trigger and an electric brake which stops the motor as soon as your finger lifts off the trigger. Does the ClampSaw perform as well as a corded reciprocating saw or even a cordless 18V model? The ClampSaw kit comes with two 4-inch blades, 2 lithium-ion batteries, a 30-minute charger, and a long soft toolbag. The saw should work on Unistrut beams although I don’t have any around to test it saw on. The clamp does not extend enough to completely cover the length of regular-length 6″ saw blade. If you are electrician cutting Unistrut on a regular basis, I would not recommend using this tool. On one hand, I’d be buying a four year old cordless kit (I believe the date on the boxes is 2011).
Porter Cable’s first cordless jobsite radio is scheduled to join their 18V cordless tool lineup sometime next month.
Porter Cable built the radio with weather resistant and clear-sounding premium speakers that are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. When plugged into a 120V outlet, the radio’s two front power outlets are activated, allowing users to plug in chargers and other tools into it. Porter Cable threw in a few more jobsite-friendly features such as a flexible antenna, protective roll cage, and large spaced-out buttons that I imagine are easy to mash with gloved hands.

This radio doesn’t look anywhere as robust as the Bosch Power Box 360 we recently reviewed, nor does it offer the same breadth of media connectivity options. Will this radio work with the new 20 v porter cable, love the new tools but need some tunes! For garden tools we have available: Shovels, hoes, raks, grass harrows, steel forks, garden saw and scissors, flower stands and brackets etc. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
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For the review we used the saw in all three positions, but the 45° and straight handle settings were the most comfortable. A comfortable rubber material lines both the motor housing and the handle, allowing for a very secure grip. For safer blade changes and tool storage, a safety lock push-button prevents the saw from powering on. There is also a single LED light used for workpiece illumination, but it doesn’t throw a bright or wide enough beam for my liking. An allen key (included) is required to loosen and lock the shoe, and can be stowed on the side of the saw. This shorter cutting stroke is somewhat noticeable and results in longer cut-times, but I did not find it to be much of a problem. No, but it still managed to perform reasonably well for light to medium duty cutting tasks. The ClampSaw’s user manual says that 4-inch blades are recommended, but does not prohibit the use of longer blades if necessary. Review samples are typically given away, donated, or in some cases kept for further testing or benchmark and comparison purposes.

It does not have to be extended at all and at its innermost position it acts as an ordinary shoe. Instead, invest in a cordless metal cutting saw or step up to the Milwaukee corded 6370-21 model. The radio is said to be very durable and user-friendly, and can be powered through a 120V power outlet, or cordlessly using a Porter Cable 18 volt NiCad or Li-ion battery. But then again it’s half the price at about $100, and looks to be half its size as well. If you need a professional cordless drill but cannot justify the high prices associated with performance and power, then Porter-Cable has the cordless drill for you.
The user manual showed a few examples of the saw used vertically in the right-angle handle position with the blade inserted upside down for a near-flush cut. There is a physical stop near the front of the tool close to the shoe which helped prevent my hand from slipping.
While not a true clamp, the shoe helps minimize the vibration transfered to smaller workpieces and allows for greater cutting control. However, as advertised, the ClampSaw was lightweight, ergonomic and compact, and provided exceptional control when used on smaller workpieces and when used overhead.
It provides a surprising amount of power for its size, and as mentioned its ergonomics are superb.

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