You can also view an online version of our printed catalog by clicking on the catalog picture. Unique sourcing and procurement opportunities at the center of Taiwan's largest hardware cluster. The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA50 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object.
The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA40 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object. This BP-60c can reduce user fatigue in applications where counter-weighting in not available.
All hand held pneumatic tools work in more or less the same way, they either drive or clinch a fastener. Some pneumatic tools have a work contacting element that has to be pushed against the wood before the trigger can be actuated, but this does not change the way the air moves inside the tool. There are slight changes for coil nailers; these pneumatic tools use air from the bottom of the housing to move a feeder piston to engage the next nail, which is then returned by a return spring.
RECEIVER (AIR STORAGE TANK)Air Receiver is provided as storage to reduce fluctuations and maintain a smooth flow in the compressed air system.Receiver Tank Size - The more receiver the better the system. Use the air supply hoses with the correct inside diameter as is recommanded by the air tools manufacturer (User Manual).

Longer air supply hoses require larger inside diameters.To increase the length of air supply hoses it will be necessary to increase the inside diameter of the hoses. Water in the compressor tank will cause serious corrosion to your air tools and should be drained daily to avoid excessive water in your air supply. Every day before use, remove the air tool from air line and pour 20 cc suitable motor lubricating oil into Air Inlet. Lubrication : Use an air line lubricator with SAE#10 oil, adjusted to 2 ~ 3 drops per minute. Disassemble and inspect air motor and governor assembly every 3 months if the air tool is used every day.
Jam Feature – These tend to jam, make sure there is easy access, which most have, to clear jams. Depth Adjustment – Allows the user to adjust the depth or how far the nail goes into the material.
Trigger – Look for a large trigger, since you will have gloves on and will be using it a long time. Nail Adjustment – Make sure you can easily change the size of the nail the gun accepts. Tools in Action 4 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns.

If you have access to a cut-away pneumatic tool this is the time to get it, as looking at a diagram is not the same as looking at the real thing.
The trick lies in moving quantities of air from one part of the tool to another as quickly as possible.
The Refrigerated Dryer can reduce the temperature of the air and removes the excessive water.
With using a coiled hoses, make sure that inside diameter is large enough to compensate for the length. Run the air tools for few seconds to allow air to circulate the oil and well lubricate the cylinder. If an air line lubricator can not be used, add air motor oil to the air inlet before and after use.
The four diagrams opposite show the position of the various components that make a pneumatic tool work during the stages of driving a fastener. Instead of putting your hand into your pocket for the next fastener, it is fed in to the nose of the pneumatic tool for you, either by a spring or by a piston.

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