The patented Lindsay PalmControl is by far the simplest, easiest to use engraving device ever made.
View DetailsPneumatic Engraving Machine Double Ended Graver max Graver Tool Jewelry Engraver with 2 handpieces.
Commercial engraving can be very creative and beautiful as often witnessed on sword blades whose fullers are acid etched with exquisite patterns. For the beginning engraving student it is the least expensive method to enter from and offers an old-school charm and does not lack in its ability to produce quality work, it merely demands experience and skill. The engravers hammer is often referred to as a Chasing hammer, it is lightweight and small faced and each engraver has their size and weight preference. The principal of hammer and chisel engraving is simple and involves lightly tapping the chisel at different rates and intensities to move it forward at a desired depth of cut and rate if travel.
Mastering the skill in order to execute high quality hammer and chisel engravings far exceeds the simplicity of the described principal and that of the skill required to learn pneumatic engraving.
The push graver method is considerably more difficult to master than the hammer and chisel technique because it involves a considerable amount of forward hand pressure in order to force the graver through the metal. Slippage is more likely to occur when cutting a straight line and is lessened when cutting curved lines. Curved cuts cause the engraving chisel to have more pressure on the outer or inner wall of the cut dependant upon the angle of the wrist and if a person is right or left handed.
One of the best things that could have ever happened to engraving is the pneumatic pulse hammer. These wonderful units replace the traditional hammer and provide the engraver with a controlled and fully adjustable air driven impact tool. The pneumatic hammer will pulse at many hundreds of strikes per minute with some capable of many thousands and is why pneumatic engraving is much cleaner and crisper than hammer and chisel engraving.

Seasoned engravers simply love the ease of operation and their flexibility and everyone that uses one shows marked improvement after a short period of time.
The Chasing AirGraver is the smallest, most elegant, and most sensitive hand engraving impact tool presently on the market. Every once and a while engravers are fortunate to come across a product that enriches their natural skills as artists. The 'Classic Airgraver' bridges the gap between the 'Chasing AirGraver' and the 'Omega AirGraver'.
I have selected these gravers from all others I have tried and owned from other manufacturers for all my work needs ranging from the finest 24k gold detailing in bulino line engraving and banknote style to wide deep cutting steel cutting. I have engraved many rifles, knives, and pieces of jewelry using Lindsay gravers and I can honestly say that the Classic is fabulous tool as are all but as an all around tool the Classic is the one I use most. Typically the traditional graver is a small hand held hardened steel shaft fitted into a wooden handle.
By example, a flat tool turned on an angle ceases to operate as a Flat and takes on the characteristics of the square graver. The graver may be driven forward by hand pressure, hammer impact or power assisted impact hammer. The heel size should be kept relatively small in order to avoid dragging and marring the surrounding metal when cutting curves.
On its top half are mounted two jaws with either a single or dual swivel plate depending on the manufacturer. The top half spins riding on a bearing system which allows for 360A° degree rotation in either direction. Magnification is crucial in order to produce top grade engravings that are precise and clean and up to today's collector standards.

In addition, the greater the magnification with hand held lenses the shorter the work distance becomes between lens and surface. The field of view should be at least 2" and have good lens clarity with low edge distortion. Additional lenses are available for both bottom objective lens and eye piece lenses and by swapping lenses a whole host of working distances and magnification levels can be achieved. MPX-80, laser engraving machine, GEM engraving machine, Gravograph, Roland, Metaza, jewelry engraving machines. The below templates are for grinding various width V Lindsay patented uniform-parallel point™.
Dover publications has good scroll borders  and design ideas books which are copyright free. Additional pistons can be ordered that generate more or less power depending on the size and weight of the replacement piston.
They also deliver more than enough power to handle heavy deep and rapid metal removal on very tough metals. Harder hammer strikes move the chisel further per strike creating longer jagged steps in a curved cut.

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