This web site uses own and third party cookies in order to optimize navigation, adjust to your preferences and aid analysis. Any home-owner or landlord should always have some plumbing tools within their home ready for that emergency.
When you think about minor and major plumbing problems within the home I would rank something such as a burst pipe as a fairly major disaster, however a leaking tap or blocked toilet would be a reasonably minor one.
One thing that you should always know is where your shut off valve is located within your home and also where your tools are stored, in today’s article I intend to explain five must have tools for plumbing within your home. You may want to store them separately to your tool box; in fact it can be a good idea to store them within your bathroom.
Having a plunger on hand and easy accessible will save you time when it comes to any blockages you may have to deal with in your home.
For dealing with blocked toilets or drain pipes it is never a good idea to have bare hands.
One huge advantage of a flash light or headlamp is the fact that the light will go wherever you are looking. When you face any DIY plumbing job having a range of adjustable wrenches is absolutely vital, for any times where you may have to loosen or tighten your shut off valve a wrench will be needed. For the price of a set of wrenches or even single adjustable wrenches you will be able to save yourself plenty of time and also money if it is ensuring you will not have to call on the services of a professional.
When any leaking pipes or large water messes occur it is vital that you have a decent sized bucket on hand.

All of the tools I have selected as ‘must haves’ within your home are affordable and also easy to store. Written by Ryan HirstHi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct.
Although it is not essential that they must know how to deal with every plumbing problem that may occur, you should have a bit of knowledge of what to do in the case of any plumbing problem, whether it being a big emergency or a minor worry.
Things that are easy to fix, like DIY jobs, are a minor problem whilst a major emergency would be classed as something you may need professional help with. I would advise having more than plunger in your home at all times, in fact it is a good idea to have one for every toilet in your home – not just for you, but also for any guests to avoid embaressment should the worst happen after a trip to the toilet! Also if you are a big fan of hygiene it is definitely worth purchasing a different plunger for your bathroom and kitchen sinks to the ones you would use for any toilet problems. These jobs can be messy and all sorts of bacteria can be hiding away on the surfaces you touch. As you can imagine most places which pipes and drains are located will be dark and having a hands free tool on hand will make your job so much easier. A torch also does a good job for those times when there isn’t enough room for your head. Along with jobs such as tightening pipes you will need adjustable wrenches as the variety in size of nuts and valves makes it near impossible to stock the right sizes without having 10 tools – an adjustable wrench means you no longer need all these options.
For whenever I encounter a leak or spillage under my sink or anywhere else in my home I always have a bucket and a few towels ready for the problem.

They will all come in handy at some time in your home and will not only save you time but money. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. For when we think about the ‘easy to fix’ jobs you should always be fully prepared and have the right tools on hand.
Although this is not a must for the amount you would have to spend on doing so it is worthwhile.
With these gloves on hand you will be able to save money and time by being able to deal with these minor problems yourself instead of having to call a professional too take a look.
We have stock here at Eurofit Direct of some very handy headlamps and also rubber torches along with a large halogen head lamp too. This tactic always seems to clean up the mess while I work on stopping the leak or finding out the problem.
I would advise having these tools in an easy accessible place to and ensure they are stored safely especially if you have children in your home. You should always do this if you are waiting for a professional to come and take a look too.

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