Porter Cable has added a new corded oscillating multi-tool to their lineup, the 3.0-amp PCE605K.
The new PC oscillating multi-tool seems like a modest upgrade to the 2.5A model, but under the surface there are some very neat redesigns and upgrades. Porter Cable says that their new depth and cutting guide provides greater stability when making longer cuts and control when making plunge cuts.
Three-position overmold seems a bit inappropriate to describe the radical new grip conponents.
We could not find any mention of this, but it looks like Porter Cable lengthened their blade-change handle slightly. The PCE605K multi-tool kit comes with 31 accessories including the depth and cutting guide.
I just wanted to say that your review is much more useful than any I have read so far about this model. My experience with the new 3 amp multi-tool has been quite positive thus far, and it is clearly better than its predecessor. If I had to rank oscillating tools in terms of preference, the (higher priced) Bosch and Fein models are possibly the only ones I would recommend above this one. My wife bought me a 3amp a year ago for Christmas and today is the first I used it and it quit .
I am interest to buy model PCE605K multi-tool kit that comes with 31 accessories including the depth and cutting guide. The corded model delivers 10,000-20,000 oscillations per minute (OPM) and features a 2.5A high torque variable speed motor capable of most jobsite needs. The PCL120MTC-2 cordless multi-tool kit includes 31 accessories plus accessory case, two lithium ion batteries, a 30-minute charger, and soft-sided storage case.
Both tools will come with 3-year limited warranties, a 1-year service contract and 90-day money back guarantee.

One thing to remember is that most companies’ multi-tools are first-generation tools. We mentioned on Monday that we'd be rolling out a change to the menu to bring the Boards.ie heading under the Talk To menu. I always thought that they were a bit of a joke, just another power tool with limited applications to trick you into spending more money for a(nother) shed ornament.
The kitchen is currently ondergoing renovation and the first head scratcher was the need to remove a row of tiles without damaging them because they're needed elswhere and can't be got anymore.
So after a lot of hemming and hawing I bought one of those tools (Stanley Fat Max) with a grout removal blade as part of the package.
What is particularly nice about the Stanley is that it has a fast toolchange (just flip a lever) and so you can turn and adjust your blades for the best angle of attack in seconds. Pic of the Parkside.Carry case,hoover extraction fitting and 9 different cutting blades and sanding attachments. Absolutely sh1t myself as a young lad before in the past when the nurse in the fracture clinic went to use one of them on my arm. Yep I love my multi tool there are so many nooks and crannies and odd angles in boat building but with this little baby I can reach them all. This seems like a reasonable claim, and it makes us wonder why other multi-tool makers haven’t thought of something similar sooner. Judging from the product images, Porter Cable gave their product managers and ergonomics specialists full control to experiment and go wild with the grips.
If you recall from our hands-on review of the PC250MTK predecessor, the lever required a bit of force to operate. Most others just rehash the company press release; cord length, amperage, tool-free blade change, etc. I am actually still working on reviewing the oscillating tool; this was just a hands-off preview.

There are simply too many differences between tools to be able to say brand A is better than brands B and C. I have some other brands, and I see the ones for my new Porter Cable have the slot open on all the accessories . Both versions have been designed with professionals in mind to deliver the quality and control needed for many day to day tasks. The compact tool weighs in at a relatively lightweight 2.2 lbs and features a variable speed motor that delivers 7,500-15,000 OPM.
It could be that most wanted to cut down on R&D and equipment costs until sales numbers prompted 2nd-gen improvements. However, I returned a Dremel Mutil Max and a Milwaukee both cordless because the batteries would not give me more than 7 to some times 12 minutes of continuous or infrequent use.
Tool works great, had to fit in some oak flooring, worked great, clean cuts ,but Blades are pricey.
Even so, I do try to discuss new tools in context and with added insight beyond what press releases spit out.
Maybe they will use the treaded head to develope a mounting plate to accept other blades, of course that would require an allen wrench. I haven’t unpack my new tool yet, not sure if I should keep it, Would be nice to be able to use more of the brand blades out there.
Check with your Porter Cable dealer, or contact Porter Cable to help find one that serves your locale.

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