An organized vehicle makes any road trip, no matter how short or long, more enjoyable for the entire family! These are great products that help keep the front seat area organized and keeps your items easily accessible. All-in-one solution for daily outings or long road trips with detachable DVD Storage and Trash Bag. Compact organizer is perfect for kids toys, books, maps, gadgets and more fits perfectly next to the car seat. Why struggle with your laptops, cell phones and other mobile equipment when you can have the organization and convenience of your own CarGo Deska„? car organizer? The POWER PRO auto organizer has storage inside the main compartment as well as lockable storage for your files. If you don't require the power inverter included with the POWER PRO consider the Car Go Deska„?PRO model. Easily transported with the standard retractable handle and wheels the PRO is a proven performer for many mobile professionals!
Your Car Go Deska„? has a large storage area in the main compartment for files or other electronic gear. A great feature of all Car Go Deska„? models are the molded in contours at the front of the desk(see at right just below the main top) that allow passage of power cords, etc while the main compartment lid is closed.This means that all of those ugly laptop, printer and cell phone AC adaptors can stay out of your way inside the desk and just the portion actually connecting to your equipment is exposed. Car Go Deska„? models can accommodate a variety of mounts for mobile printers, GPS units, cell and smart phones and PDA's (Hewlett Packard mobile printer mount shown).
Each car desk is designed so that your Car Go Deska„? can keep up with evolving technology as mounts are designed for the ever changing array of available mobile electronics.
Subscribe to CarGo Crew Newsletter to keep up with all the latest accessories and product releases and get subscriber only discounts on the latest products! Deska„? mobile office accessories allow you to secure your new vehicle organizer to the seat and lock your laptop to the top using the same security device used by many corporations. Deska„? car desks is that the pull out work surface can be configured to pull out either side for use in left or right hand (Euro) drive cars! Today's mobile environment requires that you deploy every weapon at your disposal to make the most of your time on the road.
Deska„? car office products and accessories are proudly manufactured and assembled right here in the USA. Deska„? products are made in America from absolutely the finest quality materials and components available. Your Car Go Desk has a combination of features that are not available on ANY other car laptop desk or car office.
Deska„? car desk is designed for mobile sales professionals or anyone working from their vehicle. Deska„? can help by allowing you to access and organize your files, mobile equipment and peripherals efficiently, effectively and safely.

Deska„? is secured in the passenger seat with the vehicle seat belt and is intended to be a stable platform for building your own mobile office uniquely suited to your needs. Deska„? model for every budget and a full line of accessories available to accommodate all of your business needs.
Car Go Desk™ is the only portable mobile office that can secure your files and equipment with 2 locking compartments!
After being nominated four out of the last five years for one of the biggest awards in country music, DECKED truck guy and all around icon, Jason Aldean, brought home Entertainer of the Year from the Academy of Country Music. We designed DECKED to be the ultimate toolbox, tackle box, and tool organizer for your pickup truck or full size van. Highland On The Go has a full line of organizers for every area of the vehicle – front seat, back seat and rear cargo space. In newer test vehicles the passenger air bag was not activated (armed for deployment in an accident) until we reached a total weight of approx 50 pounds. Also at right, you can see the lock securing the main compartment and just below that the molded in hand holds (there's one on the backside as well) for carrying the desk to the trunk or back seat.
Loosen the knob underneath to slide out from closed position and reverse the procedure when locking or transporting your car desk. This device is (you guessed it!) exclusive to Car Go Deska„? mobile offices and offers the ultimate in laptop security. All models have 3 connection points for accessory mounts on the main top and have 2 additional mounting points located on the locking file cover.
Controlled from the driver’s side, Cargo Manager is repositioned by simply squeezing the control levers. Get 2012 started on a positive note by getting more organized and productive with your own Car Go Deska„? car desk.
Join the US Department of Home Land Security, the US Department of Agriculture, US Forestry Service and hundreds of other organizations and individuals who choose the quality and convenience of Car Go Deska„? products as their weapon of choice in today's ultra competitive mobile environment.
Many companies outsource their manufacturing to foreign countries which costs American jobs and makes many Americans angry and frustrated. Buying cheap products only to have them break or fail in the middle of a job is a lesson that many of us have to unfortunately learn more than once.
Our mobile products are made for those who understand that quality comes at a price and are willing to pay a little more to have it. With the high cost of fuel,vehicle maintenance and increased competition for sales and customers it is absolutely essential that you make the most of your time on the road. Check out the video below to see how to add a printer, phone, GPS or Apple mount to your office in less than a minute! Built to nest within DECKED drawers and maximize ergonomics and drawer efficiency, the D-Box allows pickup truck and cargo van owners to organize their tools, fishing tackle, hunting supplies and everything else in a rugged, weatherproof toolbox designed for the rigors of everyday use.
Fishing rods, tackle, and other gear is organized and stowed safely in secure full bed-length drawers under the deck.

Contractors, hunters, fisher man and other fans of hard work and the outdoors use DECKED as the perfect organized in-vehicle storage system. We've got you covered for technology storage and organization, trash management, general grocery storage and unique designs for "stuff" large and small! Top section can be customized for gadgets and frequently used items and keep necessities within reach while keeping the front seat neat & organized. The 400 watt power inverter (red unit at front of car desk) has 2 outlets for connecting electronic components or recharging batteries, etc.
Work surface can slide out either side of the unit for use in right hand (Euro) or left hand drive vehicles.
Cargo Manager’s spring-activated mechanism then automatically pins the divider to each side track in the next nearest slot. When times get tough the tough get going by taking action to succeed in even the most adverse conditions. Whether your business is thriving or you are spending more time on the road just to reach your sales goals, it just makes sense to invest in tools to help you be more successful.
Chances are you will have your car desk for a long time so why not buy quality once instead of cheap several times? We have been in business since 2006 and have had zero warranty claims and zero returns for product failures! Total organization and accessibility allow you to increase productivity, increase sales and commissions and gain more time to do the fun things in life. 2 D-Boxes per side fit in short systems and 3 per side will fit into standard length systems. For the active family on the go to a professional that works from their vehicle to people that love to travel with their pets… There is something for everyone that will make life on the road easier and more enjoyable!
The option to use in either style vehicle is yet another exclusive feature to CarGo Deska„?. When combined with a Roll-N-Lock® retractable bed cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.
If you could find a product that could save you some of your most valuable resource; time, would you be interested? The locking top is hinged for easy access and has connection points for two accessory mounts of your choice. Like many of us, you may have gotten the double whammy of watching your 401K and home value drop dramatically in the last year or so. Wouldn't it be nice to make an investment that is sure to give you a positive return on investment?

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