SLOTTED TOOL ( ECONOMY PACK OF 5 )4.SMALL SLOTTED TOOL ( PACK OF 12 TOOLS )pAPER QUILLING BOARDS1. Single Color 3mmSingle Color 5mmSingle Color 10 mm--------------------------------------------------------------2. Multi Color Assorted ( 10 Colors ) 3mm---------------------------------------------------------------3. Multi Color Assorted ( 20 Colors ) 3mmMulti Color Assorted ( 20 Colors ) 5mmMulti Color Assorted  10mm----------------------------------------------------------------4.

Metallic Shimmer Assorted 3mmMetallic Shimmer Assorted 5mmMetallic Shimmer Assorted 10mm---------------------------------------------------------------5.
Dark Center Multi 4mmDark Center Multi 5mmDark Center Multi 10mm-----------------------------------------------------------------6. Two Tone Multi 4mmTwo Tone Multi 5mmTwo Tone Multi 10mm----------------------------------------------------------------7. Pearl Metallic 4mmPearl Metallic 5mmPearl Metallic 10mm-----------------------------------------------------------------8.

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