TORONTO • Across Canada, newbie retailer Target has helpfully dotted neighbourhoods nearest to its stores with giant, colourful billboards to herald their openings, visible from afar and stamped with the merchant’s distinctive bullseye logo.
It’s a reminder the mass merchant hopes will encourage Canadians to check out the goodies it alone offers in this market — limited edition designer fashion collections, popular private brands and home decor lines.
But there is one conspicuous and important tool missing from Target Canada’s marketing toolkit, particularly in a country known for heavy Internet usage: a website that shows much of what it sells. In today’s “clicks and mortar marketplace,” in which 49% of Canadian Internet users shop online monthly and many of them peruse a retailer’s selection of goods on their phones or home computers before they set foot in a store to buy, lacking a website showing goods and prices when retail rivals Sears, Walmart, Hudson’s Bay, Costco and Canadian Tire already do it is a problem Target can’t afford to have. A survey last month from PwC Canada found that 34% of Canadians always research clothing and footwear online before they enter a bricks and mortar store to buy, and 52% do so for home appliances. The survey asked Canadians why they shop at their three favourite retailers, and 81% of consumers responded they do so because they can check the in-store availability of a product online, and find that the items they want are usually in stock. Retail experts acknowledge that Target Canada arguably has enough on its plate right now without debuting a website — the retailer lost $941-million setting up shop in 2013, attempted to execute a turnkey beginning for brand-new point-of-sale, distribution and logistics systems, trained a brand new staff of 20,000 and then wrestled through trying to clear out a glut of inventory after sales failed to live up to its initial expectations.
The hurdle is unique to this era, one Walmart, for example, didn’t face in 1994 when it entered this country in a similarly sizeable way, buying up and supplanting 122 Woolco stores.

But while not tackling Web selling out of the gate in Canada may have been a wise business decision for Target, it may not be the most prudent decision for a company keen to draw in consumers accustomed to treating retailers’ websites like a catalogue. Target Canada spokeswoman Lisa Gibson is keen to emphasize that the retailer’s Web strategy is in the works, but could not give a timeline for when the website may offer more information.
In the meantime, Target is reaching out to online consumers in Canada through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, where it has sizeable followings, in order to showcase its products and do spot promotions.
In today’s hyper-competitive retail marketplace, traditional marketing tactics such as flyers, billboards, loyalty programs and in-store product presentation are all key ingredients of a larger marketing stratagem that includes the Web, social and mobile channels, said Mr.
Given monumental challenges when selling a house, real estate marketing has never been more important. Online press releases packed with the right buzz words (known as search engine optimized SEO key words) can help your real estate website or specific property pop up when consumers are doing an Internet search.  Because of that, online press releases should be a part, if not the centerpiece, of every real estate marketing campaign.
As QR codes, mobile marketing and social media take real estate by storm, the time-tested and proven method of successful real estate marketing is using online press releases. Online press releases provide a good return on investment (ROI) and they produce IMMEDIATE results.  They are also easily incorporated into any real estate marketing campaign.

And just like the real estate marketing that has made Trulia and Zillow so popular, online press releases can boost the rankings of any particular home for sale for a certain set of key words or buzz words.  Photos, logos and videos can easily be embedded into the press release.
Contact us to find out how PR NewsChannel can assist with any real estate marketing campaign. The retailer has also run colourful and stylish TV ads, staged fashion shows and delivered millions of flyers to houses across the country to showcase its weekly sales specials and exclusive products. That may be a catalogue-style website that shows products and prices or a fully transactional sales website.

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