Digsite Sprints allow you to conduct online qualitative research and get real, in-depth feedback from your target consumers in as little as 7 days - without the logistical headaches of in-person interviews or the limitations of surveys. Have you passed on doing consumer qualitative marketing research because of cost or timing? These deeper qualitative insights would also produce complementary tool for online quantitative research. The market research field leans heavily on quantitative research tools - fast online surveys that are easy to distribute and compile results.
You need qualitative research to move beyond the survey,find out what customers are thinking and answer the “why’s.” And you need to deliver your findings as quickly and efficient as you would with an online survey.
Drawing from traditional qualitative methods, such as focus groups, and using some quantitative tools, such as online surveys, Digsite Sprints are the next evolutionary step in qualitative research. We start by setting up a market research online community of 25-100 of the right people, targeted to your criteria.
Engage your community - Either as a whole or one-on-one, you can reach out to your community.
Summarized Responses: You’ll get overall ratings and responses to survey questions, as well as access to more in-depth comments.
Whiteboard Sentiment: You see the feedback from consumers on what they like and don’t like, as well as actual comments.
Second, it gives you the option to do a short, focused community over a few days, or extend the interaction with a group over weeks or months. Essentially, when you find the person with the insight you want to explore, you have the ability to have a conversation.
Digsite Sprints help fill the gaps of quantitative research - they allow you to answer the “whys” that results from online market research. Digsite Sprints bring together a group of people for online discussion, but they are not the same as traditional online focus groups. We’re often asked to provide qualitative research pros and cons, and to be honest, we struggle a bit with the “cons”. The only downside is treating qualitative results with the same degree of statistical accuracy you would get with a quantitative survey, for example. Digsite can provide participant recruiting for you, using our proprietary methodology SocialFind™.
Qualitative research is going beyond in-person focus groups and experiencing a revolution for the better. Thanks to the development of new online platforms, the qualitative research field have seen an explosion of new online qualitative research techniques that makes it possible to collect data in ways we couldn't before. These new online qualitative research techniques have often made qualitative research better, faster and cheaper (not always). Mobile qualitative research, according to Bryson, will definitely be part of market research's near future. Another approach getting traction is hybrid research, where quantitative and qualitative research are combined in one data collection opportunity.
There is no question that qualitative research has come a long way and that all these new techniques make this field exciting and promising, but before you get carried away by all the excitement, don't forget to have clear research objectives and evaluate if these techniques are a good fit for what you want to accomplish. We would absolutely love your guys feedback and would be more than happy to help train anyone and everyone.
We wanted to identify market growth opportunities and get a better understanding of our own customers.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Advances in technology, coupled with the rise of social media, have led to a proliferation of new and exciting qualitative research techniques. Online qualitative research techniques can be used for one-off ad hoc projects, or for frequent use among online communities. Online Chat Groups – more than simply “focus groups online” online chat groups offer many advantages over the traditional format.
There are significant advantages to this in terms of turnaround of results - the speed and volume of data processing is significantly increased and word clouds can be created automatically with the most-used words and phrases made larger to graphically highlight their importance. It is also a very cost effective way to engage with difficult to reach sample across different time-zones and geographies. In-Depth Interviews, pairs and triads – a similar format can be used for longer, more in-depth interviews of 30-60 minutes. Another advantage of this technique is that the platform enables complex visuals to be shown onscreen to stimulate discussion, and virtual whiteboards can be set up to record feedback, summarise and prompt further debate. The forum can be moderated, participants can interact among themselves, and they can upload photographs and share experiences - basically forming a micro-community which can be re-activated for further research.

Online stimuli evaluation – usually offered in online communities, this method can offer up a variety of images online – web pages, video clips, software, screen grabs etc - for comment and evaluation by members.
All these newly evolving online qualitative research methods are not only great tools, they can also specifically be used for co-creation within the context of an online community or on an ad-hoc basis.
DigitalMR is a next generation market research company that helps organisations make informed marketing decisions by deploying its two proprietary platforms: social media listening and private online communities. Server Log Files: The web site server will automatically generate a log file for each visitor.
Web sites: These include commercial web sites or web sites sponsored by individual or noncommercial organizations.
Anonymity, however, raises the issue of the identity of the informant (ZWICK & DHOLAKIA 2004a). For the first question, even in the real world, we are not always sure about whether people are really who they claim to be.
The way we authenticate the identity of our informants is mainly based on the social context. The second question may be more relevant in terms of leveraging the power of the new research arena. The personae inhabiting cyberspace indeed are the authentic "subjects" that populate such virtual spaces. Typically there are no material incentives offered to informants who provide data in online settings. Some relevant questions in this regard are: Why do people provide so much unsolicited information online?
The field of online qualitative research in e-commerce settings is very new and on a fast-evolutionary trajectory.
It is clear from Table 1 that not all online data types share all the online data characteristics equally.
E-commerce went through a wrenching period of structural competitive adjustment in the late 1990s. While cyberspace is still evolving as a "field," in the ethnographic sense, our review and assessment in this paper point to a growing role for qualitative research approaches in e-commerce arenas. The authors are grateful to FQS reviewers and special issue editors for valuable comments and advice. But market research - whether it’s online market research or offline - fundamentally remains the same. Your company is pushing for innovative research methods that deliver faster results at a lower cost. We can find them for you using our SocialFind™ recruiting, or we can bring in your consumers. The reactions and sentiment are summarized for each of the important elements of your concepts. You also have the option to use our exclusive SocialFind™ recruiting to target your desired audience (starts at $2,000). Once you initiate your project, you can get your first feedback in just days, and receive full reports in 7 days or less.
That flexibility - to speak to a group or to individuals - is the key to effective online qualitative research.
Digsite can be used along with other research methods, including surveys, in-person focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. You have whiteboards at your disposal for sentiment analysis , survey options for quick feedback, or one on one contacts.
When you analyze all the research platforms, and consider the cost, usability, and final output, Digsite stands out for its ability to deliver fast yet amazingly in-depth qualitative research ideas, insights and results. It can only help to get closer to your customer and finding out what really makes them tick? However, through methods like triangulation, we can help you draw solid conclusions from the data. They are familiar with our research platform, and understand how research methods online differ from offline.
We can help you screen for the specific demographic or lifestyle you need, tapping into social networks to get you highly targeted participants.
Studies using these online qualitative research techniques can be deployed pretty quickly and provide immediate access to transcripts or videos for review. This can be easy and comfortable for the participants, although for now is limited to text only. We have to stay on top of new methods of research, it offers more insights than traditional methods.

Relevant Insights conducted a market segmentation and customer study giving us the information needed to set investment priorities in our customer acquisition and retention strategies.
They offer fast-turnaround, cost effective insights to clients; plus ease of use, convenience and increased engagement to participants. Participants are able to view video and hear audio of the moderator, chat among themselves in real time and type answers to the moderator’s questions.
We have found, for example, while using this technique with time-poor C-Suite executives, they enjoyed interacting with their peers and would be happy to repeat the process again. A research project usually lasts around 1-2 weeks and its main advantage over the previously mentioned methods is that it is asynchronous – meaning participants can respond to the moderator or each other at a time when it suits them, they are not constrained by when the questions are asked.
With the help of web cams, tablets, smartphones and mobile handsets we are able to collect observational information (video clips, photos) alongside audio commentaries. We have found online ethnography especially useful to gain deep insights around new product testing and product development. This can be developed into hybrid quant approach by allowing larger numbers of participants to easily highlight graphically, what they like or dislike about the images shown to them.
Online communities can be short, medium or long term from a couple of weeks to a number of years.
First, it establishes a typology of online ecommerce-related data sources that present potential arenas for qualitative research. Understanding consumers' collective action on the Internet—a definition and discussion of relevant concepts for research. The birth of bizdames: A Rupture in the conversation, engaging the body in decision-making. Getting the seats of your pants dirty: Strategies for ethnographic research on virtual communities.
His research focus is on the role of online virtual communities in marketing and consumption related processes.
You need a blend of qualitative and quantitative research to establish what your customers want. We wanted to take qualitative research online in a way that harnessed technology to delivered a wider range of insights faster and more accurately than ever before.
Actionable feedback that can make the critical difference in product development, brand management, or user experience. And we work with Digsite consultants (experienced qualitative market research consultants) who can provide expert assistance in designing, moderating and analyzing your Digsite community.
A typical Digsite Sprint will finish in just 7 days or less, but Digsite Unlimited provides a more on-demand solution, making online communities available any time you need to make a decision. They can help you design and set up your Digsite activities, moderate the group, and provide analysis and additional reporting.
This technique can be used for reaching to difficult groups, send reminders about "homework" given to study participants, and do research at the point of consumption. Hybrid research can also be done using SurveyGizmo, which has the capability to integrate online surveys with chat sessions from iModerate. Sometimes watching a participant do something as opposed to just saying it really helps discover true behavior. It’s easy to see why online qualitative research is becoming an invaluable part of the market researchers’ toolkit – forming bridges between quantitative research, web listening and other information sources. It is simple for participants to set-up using web cam and computer microphones (or speakers and headsets). They can be an integral part of a social media research plan that may also involve active web listening, and traditional online marketing research around social media. Working paper presented at the annual ACR (Association for Consumer Research) conference 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia.
The field behind the screen: Using netnography for marketing research in online communities. And because answers are typed, it allows participants to respond simultaneously to a moderated question, without having to wait for each other to finish speaking.  This results in double or even triple the volume of feedback compared to live voice interaction. Staff and customers alike can get more involved in generating new ideas, for products, services and communications and be kept updated on developments.
The moderator can also prompt those who responded to get additional feedback in a much faster way. In this way online qualitative techniques can help convert influential participants into brand advocates, allowing them to become much more engaged and feel part of a brand’s “inner circle”.

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