Signode's manual hand tensioners allow operators to bring strap to desired tension with minimal interruption, effort and strap waste.
Notchtype sealers cut into the seal and outer edges of the strapping, turning tabs down (down notch) or up (reverse notch). Preparing borders and veggie patches can be hard work unless you've got well made and well designed hand tools. About Quality ProductsQuality Products are the Australian distributors for Burgon and Ball and Haws watering cans, two of England’s longest running and highest regarded Garden Tool manufacturers.

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Celebrated designer Sophie Conran says of her approach to trowel design:- "I couldn’t help noticing that whenever I would dig, half the soil fell off the back of the trowel, making each job take longer. The totally enclosed back assures consistent, smooth action by preventing dust and debris from getting into scroll of the chuck.
The backing lid is also indexed for those woodturners who do not have indexing facility on their lathes.

The VM100's compact size makes it ideal for use on 300mm (12in) capacity lathes or smaller.

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