In this highly evolved digital world, carving a niche for themselves is a must for businesses if they want to survive for many years in their respective industries.
But in the world of digital marketing, having a large advertising budget does not necessarily guarantee success.
This is a clear indication of fast-changing consumer behaviors and the diminishing impact or influence of push advertising that characterize traditional big-budget ads. The following describes the ultimate basics of online business promotion in a bid to help small and medium business owners understand more comprehensively powerful advertising channels and tools that they can use to promote their brands and business online. But before you jump right into this exciting new adventure in online business promotion, you need to prepare your business first and handle these vital prerequisites before you make your next move. Your website is the hub of your online presence and will be the staging ground and launch pad of all your online promotions.
During online promotional campaigns, targeted traffic are directed not necessarily to your main websites but are sent to landing pages first. Online user behavior tends to be more social and semantic, thus the changes to search engine algorithms. You only have an 8-second window before you can effectively get the attention of your targeted readers, and how well you craft your headlines will spell the difference between success and failure. Your credibility and ability to generate trust from targeted audiences will dictate how many will take the next step towards conversion.
Decent visual elements like great images and compelling videos will boost the success rate of your landing pages. Social media has taken the online world by storm and building a strong social media presence is crucial to the success of your online business promotion campaigns.
The strength of any online marketing campaign revolves around how well you have crafted your content. High quality content can be created in-house, through providers, or curated from reputable resources (considering you practice proper content curation procedures). Blog marketing is very effective, now that search has become more and more content-centric in a bid to provide online users with what they are really looking for.
Link building through social media is a great way for promoting your business online, not only with its impact on your SEO, but also in how you can get connected with targeted audiences present in these social sites.
It is important for businesses, particularly those with physical stores or offices, to have their websites listed locally through popular directories and listing services. Aside from local listings, online directories are also great free channels where you can have your websites present for targeted audiences to see.
PPC marketing is a great paid advertising channel that can generate highly targeted traffic with greater chances for conversion.
Up to 66% of effective online advertisers are already using paid social media advertising in their digital marketing mix, generating high-quality and highly-targeted traffic from potential customers with higher-than-normal chances for conversion.
Getting your content available out there for use by journalists and bloggers can awareness and promotions for your brands.
Native Advertising on Content Discovery Networks like AdBlade, OutBrain, and Taboola provide additional channels that can provide your content greater visibility among targeted audiences within their own networks of publishers, generating higher clickthrough rates that will put your business at a higher competitive edge than others.
Forbes popularized the sponsored content through advertorials concept and many channels have followed suit, providing business with a good promotional networks where they can get their brands and business messages across targeted audiences belonging to the readers of these networks and channels.
Email or newsletter lists are groups of highly-targeted audiences interested in the topics or materials presented by the list owner and are usually the main source of buyers or paid customers for their products or services.
Marketing technologies have evolved over the years and the same marketing principles that worked before may not necessarily have the same impact or generate the same results today. There is lot of benefits to e-business but in opinion about these benefits it is essential that we make the link back to our definition of marketing in order for the benefits to be fully understood. Google Penguin Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. Advantage with New Google Sitemaps Sitemaps are a way to tell Google about pages on your site. The Google Network is a large group of websites and other products, such as email programs and blogs, who have partnered with Google to display AdWords ads. Google Overtakes Yahoo in Display Advertising Google, which long ago passed Yahoo in search advertising, now has overtaken the company in display ads as well, according to IDC. Google has opened up Google MapMaker to all Google Account users to edit any spot in the United States.
Over 75% of consumers use social media in some form, so if you're not using it you may be missing out on a big opportunity.
As Facebook has entered the mainstream marketing mix, marketers are having to decide how much of their budget to divert from other channels into social campaigns. Google Analytics Announces Weighted Sorting Google Analytics has announced a new sorting algorithm called weighted sort which weights the sort by the number of data points, getting rid of all those annoying 1 visit = 100% bounce rate visits.
To make this easier to understand they have given some examples In their post on the Google Analytics Blog. About Smart e-Commerce Smart e-Commerce is the Blog from Embitel Technologies which provides the latest e-commerce trends, strategies, e-Retail Solutions, Magento solution, Social Media Optimization, Blog Marketing, Online Seminars, Search Engine Optimization, Google Rankings and e-Marketing Solutions in India, America, Middle East, Australia, South Africa & South America.
With Keyword Planner, we've combined the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to make it easier to plan search campaigns. Ultimately, whether or not now is the right time to put your business on the market will depend on the specific performance of your company.
Acquisitions Direct is a highly experienced group of online business brokers that have years of experience to assist in helping buyers and sellers through the acquisition process.
Taking their cues from the large advertising budgets big brands and corporations spend on traditional media advertising, many small to medium industries think they also need to have the same in order to succeed. When researchers from Communicus, an advertising research firm, asked 1000 consumers who have seen the multi-million advertisements shown during the Super Bowl games, most confirmed that these ads did not influence their spending behavior.

As more and more consumers get comfortable with online commerce and other online market transactions, businesses need to adapt and meet these consumers where they are and establish for themselves a strong presence online.
Building this strong foundation with your online business promotion infrastructure will ensure success for all your efforts and help your business generate the profitable results you want. Usually laid out as one-page websites, these landing pages are designed specifically to entice targeted readers to take a positive action towards conversion as leads or sales. Landing pages should be designed with social signals and proof in mind, like the inclusion of powerful testimonials from well-known personalities from your niche or industry. Your headline will tell your audience what your landing page is all about from a single initial glance so it is important that the most important aspects in your campaign is brought forth at this instance. You can do so by adding safety and trust signals from reputable bodies, particularly with your shopping carts and payment options. People are visual creatures and would prefer visuals over long blocks of text, making them understand your message better towards conversion. As mentioned earlier, people prefer direct interaction and engagement over traditional push marketing, and social media is the perfect platform where such engagement with targeted customers can take place.
Now that search has become more semantic in a bid to provide online users with high quality information that they will actually read or use, maintaining the same level of quality with your content would be crucial to the success of your campaigns. Cost is obviously an important factor for consideration in choosing which channels will work best for you, but each of these channels, whether free or paid, have their own merits that if used properly will deliver the results you wanted – higher than what you may have anticipated. We have written several interesting pieces that discusses the merits of blogging for business, but it is important to highlight here that companies with their own business blogs generate traffic 55% more than those who don’t, rake in inbound links 97% higher than usual, and gets web pages indexed by search engines by up to 434% more. These will place your business at the forefront for search users looking for particular businesses. Submit your website and other pages to these listing but make sure that all important and vital information are properly laid out to make it easier for targeted customers to get in touch with you.
However, the success of your PPC ads depend on how well you have crafted your ads and how you conduct and execute your campaign. 84% of journalists use email to get ideas for stories while 79% use Facebook, 64% use LinkedIn, and 58% use Twitter. Advertorials may look and feel like the standard content of these channels except for the usually included “sponsored” tag and promotional content embedded within the articles or presentation.
You can partner or work with these list owners for a certain fee to allow you to embed promotional content within their main newsletter content, presented in a way that is native to the format of the newsletter. Business owners who want to get ahead of the pact and generate favorable results for their brand, products or services must learn how to harness the power of online marketing to promote their business.
Webmaster Tools’ Sitemaps feature gives you feedback on your submitted Sitemaps, such as how many Sitemap URLs have been indexed, or whether your Sitemaps have any errors. Advertisers have the option of running their ads on Google as well as the Google Network for no extra cost. Not only do you want to plan the sale of your business to coincide with a high point in its performance, but you also want to be certain that the market is conducive to a quick sale. Strong Performance - If your business struggled in 2008, 2009 and 2010, you’re not alone. Banks Are Lending Again - Many wealthy individuals and companies saw their credit scores decline during the recession, and many people were impacted by sluggish sales in their own businesses and joblessness when companies closed their doors or used layoffs to reduce costs.
A Larger Buyer Pool - With more people making money on the stock market and doing well with other business ventures, there are more people who are now looking to buy online and traditional businesses.
If you’re considering selling, getting the opinion of an online business broker can help you determine if you should sell now or hang on a little longer. If surveyed for the reasons for not having their own business websites, almost half of the owners replied that their business does not need one. It could be the most important factor that will define if you will still BE in business in the very near future.
The samples and recommendations listed here should put you in the right path towards discovery and choosing which channels will work well with your brand or business – and generate profitable results for the good of all. If you have been considering selling your online business, there truly is no better time than the present. You may think that the stock market doesn’t have an impact on your small or medium-sized online business, but the truth is that favorable gains in the stock market do increase your chances of finding a qualified buyer with money to spend.
Interest rates remain at record lows, but any economic expert can tell you that they won’t stay at these rates forever. Many brick and mortar and online businesses went through major slumps during the recession, and prospective buyers will expect to see lower sales figures during those years. The financial crisis was also tough on banks, causing them to tighten up their lending guidelines. An increased demand for businesses like yours can lead to an increased valuation and a more profitable return for you on the sale. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
As we speed through the final quarter of 2014, conditions are uniquely ideal for making big gains through a sale. The trend of large publicly traded companies acquiring smaller online businesses is continuing, and these types of corporations often choose to sell stock in order to finance acquisitions. Many are surprised by how long the Fed has maintained the rates at these low levels, so there is truly a risk that they could rise at any time. But with the downturn swinging up again, most companies experienced improvements in performance in 2011, 2012 and 2013. These two factors came together as a perfect storm, making it difficult and even impossible in some cases for prospective borrowers to gain funds. When stock prices are high, companies need to sell fewer shares in order to raise the necessary capital for a purchase, making more big corporations eager and able to buy.

Selling your business now while rates remain low gives you a better chance at getting a high price on your business, as potential buyers who will be borrowing to make the purchase will be paying less to finance. Statistics show that banks are now abandoning some of the former caution and granting more loans to qualified buyers. This is especially true if you have a small to medium online business that will likely be purchased by an individual buyer rather than a larger corporation. Most buyers will want to see three years of financials in order to make their own performance projections, and you’ll be able to show positive results. In August 2014, lending approval rates were 15 percent higher than they were the previous year, and more than half of all small business loan requests are being approved by financial institutions of all sizes.
Even if 2011 was shaky due to a slow start toward recovery in your sector, showing strength in 2012, 2013 and the first three quarters of 2014 will have prospective buyers looking at your business in a positive light.
This means that more individuals who are interested in purchasing an online business like yours will be able to get the financing that they require to go through with the sale.
On the other hand, answer them definitively, and every move you make will lead you closer to your objective.The last question may be the easiest to answer.
But it is the one that matters most because you are going to spend a lot of time directly or indirectly with your customers. It is hard to be effective with people you do not enjoy being around.Getting StartedFinding appropriate answers to the above questions requires a good deal of study and thought. That is, as you think about who you want sell to, also consider products to be sold and ways of doing so,To get started, jot down a few thoughts about each as a beginning point.
With these notes, search for ideas and information to help you flesh out a full fledged business plan.This process will take months, not days. By then you are tired, filled with self-doubt, and doing all possible to minimize committing to even one more small chore.
So the final copy on the site often looks and reads as something done hastily and at the last minute. Nothing less works.There is an added bonus in seeking to develop or improve copywriting skills. Almost every gain is also an asset to all other writing you do, including what is needed for your email and newsletter. Improved skills in this area means better results with all of your writing.There is no need to master copywriting at this point.
If you have not decided on a product, you can’t say who your perfect customer will be.
But you can come to grips with the concept of building such an image.There are many books on copywriting. The trick is to skim a lot, read points that grab you, take a few notes, then lay the piece aside and turn to another.
When you come back to it later, you will gain additional insights, for you will be further down the path toward your goal.Finding A NicheA niche is a narrow slice of a larger market. A slice with an audience large enough to produce the income you need, but otherwise as narrow as possible. You want to be *the guru* within your niche.Finding your niche may be the hardest part of all. That is, as you make progress in one area, move ahead a bit in the other.Now to this mix, add the search for possible products and services. To define your perfect customer.Without a doubt, the best product to sell is one you create. There is profit to be made in selling products produced by others, but much more in products you produce.Enough Already.
How Do I Get Started?It’s best not to make a move until you have defined a niche and answered that first question: Who do you want to sell to?
Until you have a clear picture of your target, and have defined within this group some possible perfect customers, you are not yet positioned effectively.
And too many sites such as STAT, upon which you can spend a week or more without exhausting the resources.But as you narrow your focus, you in turn narrow the information gathering task. Settle on half a dozen good newsletters to follow, keep as many as a dozen books handy for reference, and refuse to be distracted by anything off target. Until you can accomplish this,do not extend yourself further by tackling a newsletter or website. But you must know who your target is.Given this, start a newsletter, then work at trying to get feedback.
From their words will spring new ideas that both clarify your goals and bring you closer to achieving them. Whether or not you have a product, focus on building great content.But even with a website, you need to build a newsletter.
A newsletter is the most effective way to stay in touch with your target and demonstrate your growing expertise.Continue working on your copywriting skills.
Provide all you can and do all possible to keep your visitors coming back for more.What Next?Continue to search for products that fit your defined target. Grab a tight focus and stick to it.Wrapping UpThis plan may not be as easy to accomplish as you had hoped. Anybody who persists can make it happen.A post by Chantal Theoret (7 Posts)Chantal Theoret is author at LeraBlog. Whether it needs to be overhauled or tidying up, the site you are creating will benefit from the thorough inspection.

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