Table saws are typically the central piece of machinery in most wood shops and usually the first purchase for most woodworkers when they are assemblying the woodworking equipment they're going to need. There are three main categories of table saws on the market and they are bench, contractor's and cabinet models. Floor standing or stationary table saws are heavier, usually made of steel or cast iron to provide weight and reduce vibration. They usually have larger more powerful motors that enable the saw to perform operations beyond ripping and cross cutting such as dadoing and running molding heads.
A contractors table saw is usually a 10" bench model format mounted on a separate open steel stand.
A cabinet saw is typically a floor standing table saw with a full length enclosed steel stand.
The hybrid table saw is usually is a mix of features found in the contractors and the cabinet saws. Direct-Drive Motors are linked directly to the blade and transfer all of the motor’s power to the blade.
The trunnion holds the saw arbor and allows it to be raised and lowered and tilted from zero to forty-five degrees. Many older saws didn't come with switches and those that did were not always in a convenient location that could be easily accessed in an emergency. Most stationary saws have an optional side extension available on the right side that with longer rip fence rails, can increase the saw's capacity to reach the center of a 4 x 8 sheet or more. The throat plate is usually a piece of soft metal that fits in the table top around the blade. A sturdy quality rip fence is one of the most used and important features on the table saw for turning out accurate work. The splitter is a vertical metal piece directly behind the blade that keeps the blade from binding in the work piece if the saw kerf starts to close up. Anti-kickback paws are usually two sharp-toothed arms one on each side of the splitter that prevent the work piece from moving backward. The elevation wheel is located at the front of the table saw and controls blade height and depth of cut. The blade tilt hand wheel is located on the right or left side of the saw depending on which direction the arbor tilts.
Extension wings come in a variety of styles and extend the width and sometimes the depth of the table saw table to provide a larger more stable work surface when cutting stock. I paid 350 dollars for my unisaw and had to do extensive repairs and still considered myself darn lucky to get it. There are quite a few people out there who paid more then 400 dollars for a unisaw in worse shape.
Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ., rather than directly offering items mentioned here for sale or auction, provides a huge database of information about government auctions and foreclosures. If you are in need of some construction equipment then you should check out this Dewalt 10 Inch Table Saw.
I purchased this saw from the original owner's son 2 years ago at a yard sale in the Chicago metro area. The construction of the saw featured a welded steel cabinet ruggedly constructed as a frame for mounting the table and carrying the working parts to provides maximum safety for the operator.
The arbor was ground to a close tolerance and its flange was finish faced accurately after it was assembled. The blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback fingers gave maximum protection to the operator and view of the saw blade at all times.
The raising and tilting mechanisms were operated by hand-wheels with free turning hand grips and useful locking devices which were located at convenient positions on the side of the saw cabinet. The Vintage Delta Homecraft drill press was one of the most versatile tools in the wood shop.

Information about table saws including the features found in bench, contractors, and cabinet saws, mobile and stationary saws.
Woodworking-Supplies & Equipment including tools, hardware, supplies, woodworking plans and more.
Hybrid table saws are a more recent category with features that fall somewhere between a contractor's and a cabinet saw. The most distinguishing feature is that hybrid saws use the same trunnion design as the contractors table saw.
The table saw motor is usually mounted below the saw carriage or at the back of the saw cabinet and the power from the motor is transferred to the saw blade using one or more belts. Sears Craftsman made a line of flex-drive motors that used a flexible steel shaft to transfer power from the motor that hung off the back of the saw and the blade arbor. In fact there is a vibration test called the nickel test that serious woodworkers like to run on their table saws (stand a nickel on edge when starting the saw and see if it stays standing).
The best of these are T-slots which when used with T-slot miter gauges prevent the gauge from easily falling off the front of the table when cutting large pieces. Some trunnions are cabinet mounted and others are mounted to the underneath side of the saw table. Switches on today's saws should be mounted on the front of the saw in a location that is easy to hit or knee to the off position to shut down the saw. These right side extension tables often double as router tables where you can take advantage of the rip fence for straight line cuts. They come in a variety of styles, some all metal and others made of clear plexiglas to enhance visibility while cutting. It adjusts the angles of the blade for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees left (away from the rip fence).
Heavier saws come with sold cast iron extension wings while others may be a webbed cast iron or solid or webbed aluminum.
If you have a shot at a free unisaw, I would think it would be a very good idea to go get it….now! This table saw could help you cut anything from PVC pipes to lumber to your losses if you have to fire contractors and finish building that barn all on your own. There is nothing like a sturdy and working table saw that you could cut all kinds of wood and wood like materials with.
This fully functioning saw is in excellent condition and is ready to carry out any job you may have for it. 34-500 performed all of the operations commonly done on larger and more expensive machines of its type. Its size is 15 inches wide by 22 inches deep; when both side extensions are mounted, its size is 25 inches wide by 22 inches deep. The use of a heavily ribbed table, side table extensions, arbor bracket, trunnions and trunnion brackets made of sturdy grey iron castings produced maximum rigidity between the working parts of the machine. These manufacturing enhancements assured a true running arbor on which the blade was mounted and held square with the axis of rotation. It prevents a bystander's hands from begin accidentally caught between the V-belt and motor pulley while in operation. One was located on the front of the saw for raising and lowering the blade and the other was on the side and was used to tilt the saw arbor. It can be set at any angle up to 60 degrees to the right or left, and it has adjustable stops for instantaneous settings at zero and 45 degrees to the right or left.
43-110 performed all of the operations commonly done on larger more expensive shapers of its type.Delta Homecraft Drill Press Model No. Because of this, they are easy to transport from job to job and they usually have a built in stand or are a bench type model that is made to sit on a bench or saw stand. They are commonly referred to as a light duty cabinet saw but they are usually lighter, have smaller motors, and are priced less than cabinet saws.
The advantage of belt-driven saws is that the motor is usually away from the source of most of the sawdust. The table tops on saws with cabinet mounted trunnions are easier to adjust if the miter grooves are not parallel to the blade.
Extension wings must also be flat and installed so they are perfectly flush with the top of the saw table.

Some saws have a plastic safety key that prevents the saw from being turned on accidentally. And as far as I know there is only one type of saw that fits a unisaw motor… and that is a unisaw. Because the motor on your saw is significantly bigger then the original motor your saw will not be able to achieve a full 45 degree cut with the blade fully extended.
If you are looking for a new table saw then you should check out this current online auction for a Rockwell Model 34461 Electric Saw.
These saws retail for generally around $500 but with this auction you can probably get it for a very affordable price. This is a size 10 saw, it runs on 115 volts, and has a table size that measures approximately 36 inches x 27 inches. This saw was recently taken out of service, although it is fully functioning, in order to be put up on the auction block. The rip fence could be moved along the graduated scale on the front guide rail without having to measure the distance from the saw blade each time since the pointer incorporated in the front clamp block enabled the operator to read the distance directly. The motor speed of 1725 rpm ran the arbor at 3850 rpm or the 8 inch saw blade at 8100 surface feet per minute.
These additional table insert can be adjusted so they fit flush with the table surface and are adjustable.
It can be adjusted to compensate for wear or loosening the head by merely loosening or tightening a tapered pivot screw. Portable table saws perform most all of the same long straight rip cuts (with the grain) and crosscuts (across the grain) more quickly and accurately than a hand held circular saw.
There should be little to no deflection of the fence when pushing a board against it at the back of the saw.
Other specialty blades are available such as fine tooth plywood blades, and thin-kerf carbide blades that are used when cutting expensive exotic woods to preserve the amount of usable stock. The riving knife is also separate from the blade guard meaning that it can remain on the saw even when the guard has been removed. This saw could handle anything that you lay down on it and would insure a clean cut as long as you measure twice and cut once. This auction will take place in Miami the first week of next month and you would be well on your way to some DIY magic before you know it. Why spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a table saw when you can get this perfect good used one for only $250! Their lightweight and ease of mobility make it the perfect choice for on site work like decks and framing jobs.
Look for a fence that locks onto and support bars or rails at both the front and back of the saw.
At least with this auction you could probably end up getting this table saw a whole lot cheaper than its original retail price.
Normally retailing for literally thousands of dollars, this table saw has a current bid of just $550 with 4 online bids. This saw would also come in handy if you are about to open your own contracting business or if you wanted to have a back up saw just in case yours breaks down. You could bring it home and set it up any way you want and be cutting chair legs in no time. If you'd like to learn more about this amazing online deal then all you have to do is click here.
Accessories for dado and molding operations were also available to extend the versatility of the saw.
Cabinet saws are usually much heavier than the lighter contractors saws and are not made to be moved around, although some work well on movable stands. Another significant difference between the cabinet and the contractors saws is that the trunnion on cabinet saws is mounted to the top of the floor standing cabinet, not under the table top like the contractors saw.
I convinced my very particular wife to let me use her SUV (she's particular about the appearance of the vehicle).

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