There is one on craiglist out of charlotte, nc under tools, for a 100 dollars, or best offer. For the motor bracket just push back against belt tension and swing the arm with the rubber tip down and release the motor, thats how that works. As far as the post goes I just buff it down every couple of years with some steel wool and LPS3. If you still have some trouble PM me I'm in the SW part of town, You're welcome to drop by and take a look.

I pulled the whole head apart (didn't disassemble the spindle itself), cleaned it all and put it back together. The spring that winds up the quill also retains the handle against the body, it's just a coil spring wound up to also provide torsion to lift the quill. It's a coil spring inside the quill handle shaft, You just support the quill with your left hand so that it does not drop when you pull th handle out to wind the spring. A little nudge with the tip of a screwdriver ought to get the spring off the end of the pin and that's about it for disassembly.

Just grab the quill handle by the hub and pull it straight out from the body of the drill press until the teeth disengage the quill then you simply wind counter clockwise until you have proper tension to lift the quill.

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