In all, My Career deserves big plaudits for breathing life back into the mode--it’s a welcome refresh, if imperfectly executed.
On court, this is probably the best-looking launch game on PS4, and a real step forward for the 2K series. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Players now transition more smoothly from one animation to the next, which makes you feel more in control of everything you do.
After many years of just being a photo and a voice, Doris now appears as an in-game character, interviewing players at half-time and after the game.
My Career--the series’ most popular aspect of the game--has been transformed into a soap opera. My GM (former Association) has been given a presentation overhaul too, and you can now choose a specialisation when you start, to give preferable conditions on things like contract negotiation, training costs, team-mate chemistry, etc. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
There’s a real game of cat and mouse every time you try to stop a nippy point-guard like Jrue Holiday driving to the basket, because every bump and shove feels more natural.

It’s a fantastic idea, and the players look and sound natural as they talk about how the game is going. Your character (I called mine Bagpipe Outlaw) now appears in cut-scenes where he chats to his agent, talks smack with rivals, and even drives to the stadium in his car. Doris, however, stands next to them like a waxwork, stiffly holding a microphone in their general direction.
I’ll return to the My Career, and other mode stuff, in a minute--but first: how does it look, and how does it actually play?
Your character still has that generic voice that doesn’t quite fit any face, and for all the fancy new presentation, post-game press conference questions and pre-draft interviews are virtually identical to those in 2K13 and 2K12.
2K is promising tournaments for My Team, which will allow you to win rare players, so that sounds good at least.Overall, NBA 2K14 on next-gen is ambitious, but flawed.
While the majority of the on-court improvements are brilliant, they’re let down by certain aspects of the presentation that either feel old or imperfectly implemented. Wtf?i»?Sedeg Kebhaj: i try 99 ovrall and it doesnt work but not that wayi»?Daylon Smith: U did two different downloads!! Crowds are now much more varied, advertising screens reflect beautifully onto the hardwood, and players look eerily lifelike.

Some are better likenesses than others--Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant are highlights--but on the whole it’s amazing to see how realistic they look. I love the new Points of Emphasis options that allow you to pick general offensive and defensive styles at any time (so you can shut down an opponent’s perimeter game, for example, without delving into the pause menu), and the new substitute system is more intuitive. Recording dialogue from every player in the NBA, though, is a near-impossible task, so while this halfway house is a little unsettling, it’s understandable. Much of the commentary, sadly, is ripped straight from 2K14 on current-gen, which itself was chock-full of repeated banter.
The pacing is different too--My Career on current-gen just throws you straight in, whereas PS4’s career mode tells a tale about your first game, your draft, your team-mate friendships etc.

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