I gave this sturdy stand a workout during the kitchen cabinet makeover in issue 196 (March 2010). Quick-release mounts let me position the saw anywhere along the rail, but the 9944 still comes up a bit short in cut capacity: Maximum distance to a stop is 5'6". I admired this stand at a local farm store, after it being in the store for about two years they put it on clearence.
You will have the option to choose a specific delivery date of up to 7 days in advance and have the options of  the service upgrades available in your delivery area. Once we have delivered your parcel we will automatically update your order status on your account. The RIDGID Miter Saw Stand and Utility Vehicle are compatible with most sliding and compound miter saws. This question is from Mobile Miter Saw Stand 12 answers Would you recommend this stand to a 57 year old 140 lb. The only feedback I can give you is that opening the unit takes very little effort, but there is some resistance beased on the weight of your saw. This saw stand is very lightweight, You should have no problems setting it up, My son is 13 and he can set it up with no issues.

To use a stop, you must raise the roller support, then lower it if the stop is no longer needed; not as handy as a flip-up stop.
On the morning of your delivery out courier will text you with an estimated one hour delivery time slot. After 60 you will need a step to get up on it which is available at Home Depot in the ladder department for under $25.00.
It does not smoothly transition from stored position to work position and back again with a Bosch 10" dual compound miter saw attached.
But clising the unit and moving it around is very easy, once closed the unit acts like a handtuck, easy to move and manuever. That saved space for the homeowner when I finished for the day, and frees up usable square footage in a home shop. When you need to fold it up its a breeze and if you just need to move it around and don't want to fold it up, it moves with ease with the wheels. If the hours is unsuitable just reply to the message and they will attempt delivery another day.
It's also light enough for portability, with large wheels to go up and down stairs or over rough construction sites.

From the stored position there is initially need to pull firmly down on the handles and then push down to lock it in work position. I did alot of research before deciding on this one and it was the best i found for the money.
The wide rail proved useful for corralling small parts or hand tools, the roller work supports don't sag, and the 12" wheels rolled over everything I put in their way, indoors and out. I would like to trade the single wheel for the new wo wheel set-up, but I use it like it is till I can find a set. Basically, with my saw, the operation is not truly effortless through these two stages in the operation of the lift.
The feeling is something like using a compound bow, wherein there is initially the set draw weight of the bow until the cams kick in and at full draw the resistance is lowered to a fraction of the set draw weight.

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