Murray Bridge Mitre 10’s garden centre offers you a comprehensive range of many categories of green life and gardening equipment.
We do however take pride in offering you high quality plants at competitive pricing along with expertise in plant care from a highly qualified and passionate garden category manager giving you the rewards of a specific end result.
Coupled with knowledge in power garden tools, building, landscaping and irrigation expertise completes our garden offer to any novice through to the advanced green thumb.
In deference to this wait to ditch the digger, halt the hoeing, and say a€?sayonaraa€? to practice, we ripped open a few more bales of rotting hay and tucked the spade. My new spud growing discovery began a couple of years ago after our farming neighbours bequeathed to us a stack of rotting hay.
Wea€™re talking about a lot of seed spuds here, and yet it all seemed so ridiculously easy that I was reluctant to believe this spur-of the-moment experiment would ever produce anything. My anxiety was probably the reason I didna€™t put in an appearance at the potato patch again until early autumn when the tops were beginning to die down. Super phosphate and blood and bone are scattered Discarded balage or rotting hay form the growing directly onto the carpet.
We have been extremely pleased with the garden room you put up for us last year, and it is much admired-hence this request for a brochure for a friend. Finish mulching all the subtropical fruit trees, such as avocados, citrus, tamarillo, passionfruit cherimoya and guava. Thin off excess pipfruit and citrus (stonefruit are probably already too big to bother); best done while the fruit are still small to reduce the load on the trees.
Prune back the excess growth on grapevines; each fruiting lateral can be cut back to 3-4 leaves past the fruit. Spray apples and pears with Yates Success Naturalyte 2-3 weeks after petal fall to help reduce codling moth and pear slug. Cherries, brambles and blueberries should already have their bird nests on, but start thinking about netting the fig tree and grapevines as these will be next on the menu. Sprinkle some extra fertiliser around any trees that look to be carrying a heavier crop than normal. This year seems to be a very heavy flowering one for feijoas, so it looks like a bumper crop coming on. Our garden centres are accredited by the Australian Garden Centre Accreditation Scheme which recognises retail excellence in the areas of product quality, range, professionalism and service to customers. We have plants suitable for both indoors and out, a huge range of vegetable and flower seedlings as well as potted colour and seasonal bare rooted fruit and ornamental trees. Our green life buyer can assist you with sourcing plants to order and quoting on quantity purchases. You can order this product over the phone and organise delivery, or place an order for collection from your nearest store. For vivid festive blasts of colour, aim to get all your pots and baskets planted soon, super charge the potting mix with a fast acting fertiliser or drench plants with liquid fertiliser. Plants need plenty of root room to put on a flurry of flowers, when choosing pots, go for a size up, not down.
Try this easy and simple idea of using roses and flax from the garden to decorate the table.

The red foliage of this Japanese maple provides a wonderful contrast against the creamy-white frilly poppy.
Geraniums are forgiving plants, that freely flower for months on end even through long dry periods. For a little sweet treat, plant strawberries in hanging baskets around the patio, for those moments when your bubbly needs something a little fruity. Use sharp shears and trimmer to limit browning off, and put all the trimmings in the compost bin. If you have a little time up your sleeve why not help someone else in the garden, a voucher for a few hours of 'green fingered' help may be just the gift for someone that has everything.
Spud sowing season is just around the corner and I cana€™t a€“ a back-breaker of a task if ever there was one.
After years of chipping weeds and grass off the potato paddock, breaking my back spading up the ground, and then forking out for fuel to fill the cultivator, Ia€™m leaving it all behind for a much, much easier way to grow bigger, better potatoes off an even smaller patch of land. Never one to waste things, and behind in the gardening calendar, I figured we might as well spread it over the mass of weeds posing as our spud patch, and see what we could grow. We added a sprinkle of our usual spud-food a€“ a few handfuls of blood and bone and a shake of super phosphate, then another thin layer of hay to make sure the spudsa€™ shoots werena€™t burned by the latter. Feeling a little curious, I decided to have a wee tickle to see what was going on under all that hay, and thata€™s when I got the shock of my life! Since then, unable to acquire wet-baled hay, wea€™ve moved on to past-its-best-by balage as a planting medium. Pests, diseases and plant growth can all get away from you while you are sunning yourself on the beach over the holiday period, and, like any holiday excesses, you will pay for it later! I use a combination of neem oil and soap spray, but other insecticides such as pyrethrum or summer oil are also very effective.
All of these crops are surface feeders with fragile root systems that need protection over summer. This is a job I like to do when Ia€™m taking a break from more strenuous work a€“ ita€™s actually quite therapeautic! This is easiest done now, as the difference is very obvious between the older shoots and the new shoots.
Although I dona€™t normally feed these, I will this summer to get a decent crop in the following year. The pellets will swell when watered, forming a fertile, weed-suppressing and water-retaining mulch that also helps improve the organic matter in the potting mix. Garden hardware has everything you need to keep your plants and garden looking healthy, from fertilisers to mowers, garden lighting to compost bins. The displays incorporate plants, pots, furniture, gifts and hardware products, and will help you keep up with style changes within the garden industry.
A little effort now will mean that when your friends and family arrive to enjoy the Christmas spirit in your garden this summer, all the hard work has been done. The list of what to plant is long - perennial petunias, salvias, nemesia, lobelia, geraniums and cosmos will all work a treat and look fabulous through the entire summer. Lawns - give lawns a boost by applying lawn fertiliser now, water in well after application to ensure the fertiliser gets down into the root zone of the grass.

It's easy to do and some fertilisers come in a ready-to-use bottle that snaps onto the hose, others can be added to the watering can.
My husband was one step ahead of me, however, and suggested we dispose of the old carpet clogging up our garage by laying that down first to suppress the couch or a€?coocha€™ grass and buttercup.
We sowed the seed spuds on top of the hay, spacing them as we would if we were using the usual soil-growing method.
The days got warmer, the spuds emerged through their covering of hay, and the grass around the edge of the potato patch grew higher while never invading the area mulched by the carpet. Balage is actually better than hay because, having been a€?pickleda€?, the grass seeds it contains are no longer viable so therea€™s not a problem with grass sprouting in the potato patch. This is particularly important for citrus and avocados, as these have strong biennial bearing tendencies and need a decent boost if they have a heavy crop. Our landscaping area stocks a large range of bagged composts, manures, potting mix and pavers. For gardeners wanting an instant effect we have a large selection of advanced plants including topiaries and contemporary structural plants that suit both modern and traditional designs. For that little something extra plant something fragrant like gardenia, stocks or star jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides. By getting it done now, the hedge will have a chance to freshen up and bounce back from any mishaps or leaf bruising. No frills options can easily be put together at home and are readily available in the shops.
This hardy ground-covering herb, forms a dense mat, and when walked on or when the foliage is bruised it releases an aromatic oil that deters ants and mosquitoes. Not only does it create a focal point, but it also doubles as a deterrent to moths coming inside. I pulled back the hay to reveal an enormous cream potato, almost as clean as if it had just been washed! I wouldna€™t mind betting that, watered often enough, you could even sow a spud patch on your concrete drive (just be prepared for some mighty strange looks from the neighbours!). There isn't enough time for seeds to germinate and flower before the holidays now, so go for gold in the garden centre and choose plants that are already grown.
Enjoy the journey and the time you spend outdoors over the holiday period by doing a few chores now.
They werena€™t dispersed through the ground as spuds grown in soil are, these beauties were lying in a nest, close together, just begging to be gathered up! I actually felt like a cheat as I later loaded the potatoes into sacks, especially as I hadna€™t had to use a fork to dig them and, consequently, not a single spud had been speared. During a very dry spell they wilted quite a lot more than spuds grown in soil would, which had me a little worried.

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