Whether you're an experienced woodworker, a beginner or somewhere in between, revisiting basic safety practices in the work shop is always a good idea. This is part one of a three part series showing how I built the very cool miter saw station featured in the Fine Woodworking Issue # 209. To see the stand in more detail see this link: This time I build a very simple, quite crude, mobile tablesaw stand for the new extention I have build.
Most woodworkers and homeowners own at least a portable light weight table saw for a variety of projects, but are limited to the size of wood they can cut due to the shortcomings of its design and a lack of accessory work surface. This video is an introduction to a long series that will cover many topics of design, woodworking, and steel fabrication to produce this table saw work station. In this video i show you in simple steps how to convert a circular saw into a functional table saw! In this video I show the finish I first used when I was getting started woodworking almost 30 years ago. Full article here: I'm building a new table saw station to accomplish a few tasks in the shop.
In this Woodworking project video Make a wooden laptop stand that looks stylish and modern, this woodworking video will show you woodworking techniques including using a router table and applying a finish to complete this project.

Woodworking plans table saw extension Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans. The small size of the saw table on compact table saws makes it difficult to cut large pieces like plywood. Start your next project for woodworking table saw station with one of our many woodworking plans.
George Vondriska takes the time to go over basic table saw safety with a beginning woodworker. The main aspect of this workstation which sets it apart from other designs is that the saw itself is untouched. I show many techniques and operations during this series that can be applied and used on other woodworking and welding projects. Rather than just building a simple replacement base, I opted to build one with lots of storage potential. It has to be more mobile than the original mobile base (horrible!), have dust collection built in, and allow future upgrades for a router lift that I am working on. I hated the original stand, tips over when cutting large pieces of plywood n stuff so I had to make a better stand for it.

Don't forget to tune into the Summer's Woodworking Show Live Broadcast tonight and don't forget to subscribe Enjoy! With a footprint of less than 7 square feet when folded, this tool stand expands into a massive 17-square-foot tablesaw work surface. This mobile table saw station extends to create a large work area and then folds up into a compact package that can be stored out of the way. THis new base measures 6 feet long by 2 feet wide, which gave me good reason to move over to the new shop building.
Click on the link below to watch the design process on my other channel To download my SketchUp file click on the link below: Like and Subscribe if you like what you see! A crosscut sled is an essential jig for any table saw to ensure perfect 90 degree cuts every time.

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