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The Best Fence v3 System was designed from the ground up to give your miter saw a high degree of accuracy in a mobile package.
Specially designed precision mounting blocks integrate with your existing DeWalt 723X miter saw stand. Additional fences can be added to extend the capacity of the Best Fence System by using the optional Male-Male Connectors to attach additional sections, with Upper Hand supports as a base for the fence.
The Best Fence System is also available for Bosch Gravity Rise™ miter saw stand and Kapex miter saws.
The Best Fence System is also available for DeWalt and Bosch Gravity Rise™miter saw stands. Original Saw developed these miter saw stands to compliment our OS Series line of manual measuring systems, and extension roller and flat tables. The stand is constructed of 12 and 14 gage formed steel with a texture powder coat finish on the table top and contrasting smooth gloss black on the legs, come with a 1' thick mdf mounting board that is predrilled to mount to the steel table top. Manual Measuring systems provide solid everyday measuring solutions to simply and streamline your cutoff processes. The Best Fence System was designed from the ground up to give you shop level accuracy in the field. Specially designed precision mounting blocks integrate with your existing Bosch Gravity Rise™ miter saw stand.
Just being carefull isn't enough for this type of accuracy.I guess what I am asking is more of a jig type question. My radial arm saw's table is in pieces now waiting for a new home, but I have a saw built into a 16' long table, 12' to the left and 4' to the right. 32nd is pretty tight but you can easily get a 16th with the dewalt stand similar to the above. The type of wood and size would play into it as well as what they will be used for but if possible I would Stack them all together in a jig on my mitre saw and cut them all at once. On a wide flat surface (could be a garage floor), set all the pieces edge to edge with one end of them flush. By the way, Manitario and I both had a hard time lining up the fences with the miter saw fence.
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No matter how much or how little you invest in a miter saw, the quality and enjoyment of your work will depend more on your saw stand than on the miter saw itself.
Manufactured stands are available that are easy to set up, transport, and store, but if you’re working at your home, in a couple hours, with $50 or $60 in material, you can make your own. Trim carpentry depends almost entirely on cutting clean tight miters at precise angles and measurements. Manufactured stands are available that are easy to set up, transport, and store, but if you’re working at your home, in a couple hours, with $50 or $60 in material, you can make your own. I think every trim carpenter worth his salt has always looked at all the miter saw stands on the market, with prices in the hundreds of dollars, and thought, heck, all I need is a sheet of plywood and a couple of saw horses. It is also going to bow in the middle over time, and need replaced unless that single 1x gets supported some how.
The bottom of the carcase is very much skeletonized to save weight, so I can get it in and out of the truck by myself. I saw Gary’s road show today and the stand he used was much simpler and, (it looked to me) much more portable. After all, no matter how experienced, we all still periodically leave the line on the wrong side of the cut.

I really appreciate that you’ve made this plan available online in addition to print format.
I made my first project yesterday and was blown away by how streamlined and precise the cuts were. I’d suggest if someone wants a portable full support miter saw stand setup to check out fastcaps. Consisting of adjustment blocks and customizable fence sections, this highly modular system is easy to set up and transport and allows you to dial in your saw for exact cuts every single time.
The blocks have both coarse adjustments, to quickly move the fences into place, and fine adjustments to fine-tune the fences level and even with the miter saw table.
You can easily attach your power strip to the stand with the Magnetic Power Strip Mount Accessory. Get rid of the tape measure and improve your accuracy and repeatability with OS Series Accessories!
This highly modular system is easy to set up, transport and allows you to dial in your saw for exact cuts every single time. International jointer in the pictures… I swear you must have broken into my shop and taken pics!!! You can cut miters in most small moldings with a miter box and hand saw, but for large profiles, especially tall baseboard and crown molding, a power miter saw is the only way to go. No matter how much or how little you invest in a miter saw, the quality and enjoyment of your work will depend more on your saw stand than on the miter saw itself. The stand must have continuous extension wings, so you can support different lengths of material. Counter Sink bit, Phillips driver, & square driver, for drilling counter sunk holes and driving screws. 1 x 12 x 8 Top pine or fir or plywood board for the top extensions wings on the miter-saw stand.
While building this miter saw stand remember that craftsmanship depends on the process as much as the finished product.
Protect your hands. Never place your hands closer to the blade than the ends of the miter saw fence. Split the pencil line. With your hand locked against the miter saw fence, you can position the measurement mark precisely where the blade cuts.
And if you want to take it up a few notches, Norm has plans and a DVD for a really nice, portable set-up at the New Yankee Workshop. My own designs have evolved over the years, but I’ve yet to see the commercial stand that comes close to the portability and versatility of my shop built one. And yes, there are advantages to using saw horses and a solid stand like this on a jobsite.
I build the main stand at about 5′ in length, then build extension wings with folding legs that clamp or screw to the main table on either side. I’m a literature professor who has picked up woodworking as a hobby this past year, and one of the things I realized very early on was that making cuts on my miter saw was going to be a great challenge unless I had a stand.
Honestly, a miter saw is worthless without a stand, and continuous wings make a huge difference in easy of use, quality of cuts, and enjoyment. A friend of mine used to lug around a big plywood rig and it looked like a huge pain in the ass. After you have one comment approved, all of your subsequent comments will appear immediately.
The Best Fence System is available as an add-on for most of the popular brands of miter saw stands. Upper Hand supports raise the other end of the fence level with the saw and provide support for the fence section.

This will give smaller shops and schools the option of using our industrial measuring systems and material handling roller and extension tables to set up a stationary cutting station for their favorite miter saw.
Because power miter saws are now so affordable, anyone with an interest in carpentry should own one.
The base and top can be cut to any length and width, but the supports must be ripped to exactly the right height. Once the stand is finished, you won’t need blocks, but for now, stack up a few blocks so the 1x support board rests flat on the miter saw. After cutting the first support, and before moving it from the saw, mark a pencil line at the far end on the miter saw fence.
After each cut, slide the board to the pencil line and make the next cut. All the supports should be exactly the same length. Make precise cuts on your saw safely by following the four tips below, plus others that I’ll be including in later chapters.
Hold your fingers against the fence so your hand won’t move, then wrap your thumb over the work piece.
Miter saws are loud, so always wear ear protection. Sometimes miter saws shoot out small pieces of molding at extremely high speed, so always wear eye protection, too!
The reason I wrote the article is because I’m a firm believer is the necessity of having a miter saw work station with full extension wings. Thankfully, I found this site and had a friend who gave me a good deal of free wood to get me started, so I just built my stand according to your plans for no cost. Yes, they’re a little more awkward to carry around, especially a full length table like yours, but I did it for years, on the top of my lumber racks, and was always glad to have it. Fence stops calibrate quickly and easily by setting the stop to zero and cutting the sacrificial block. If you’re changing the moldings in your home, at the very least, consider renting one. And the ends of the extension wings should be crisp and square, so they can be used for measuring. Once you’ve located the exact position of the blade on the board, use your thumb to creep the measurement mark slowly toward the saw blade.
I think it would be best if you stated that the edge of the blade on the good side of the board (as opposed to the off-cut) should split the pencil line leaving a shadow of the line on the good side. If I made the other two corbels at 16″, I would have only had a few inches of material to screw through the stand into the corbels. I included this stand in the Trim Made Simple book, published by Taunton a year ago, because I believe that anyone who want to learn how to do nice finish work, and anyone who wants to really enjoy the process, needs to have a stand with continuous wings. Mount the corbels to pieces of 1×4, fastening through the back, so you can fasten through the face of the corbel-cleats into a few studs beneath the stand. I slid the stand out enough for my saw to balance just fine on the corbels and screwed in from the top of the bottom plank of the stand. Today I use a portable fold-up stand and have for over twenty years, which is much more elaborate and more difficult to build, but it takes up far less space and is easier to carry. We’ll soon be publishing a story by another carpenter, Larmar Horton, who built a cracker-jack portable miter saw stand, all from wood.

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