What I had in mind for Popular Woodworking’s shop would have a dead-on stop system and collapsible wings so the stand would take up less space.
Begin construction by cutting the parts out according to the Schedule of Materials and using the optimization diagram.
Now is a good time to mount the leveling riser (or platform) to your cabinet and get the miter saw set up. On the underside of the case, put a flat washer on the bolt, followed by a lock washer and wing nut. Now screw cleats to the inside of the case to make the partition and false front that conceals the vacuum. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.
I have the first Rigid MSUV stand that I got for a steal at HD for $99 one night on a road trip to a out of town job. The only thing i didnt like about that one was the weight and the extensions were a little short. Park tool rolling adjustable height - Craftsman adjustable rolling mechanics seat with onboard tool tray features a 5 in.
The Makita LS0714 sliding compound miter saw is the perfect size for a wide range of jobs, and has plenty of power to get the job done.
Larger saws usually run on 15 amps, and you’re wondering if this Makita LS0714, with a 10-amp motor, really has enough juice to get the job done. The Makita LS0714 really ought to come with a carrying case because the first thing you’re going to want to do with when you take it out of the box is run around with it, just because you can. As you might imagine, the Makita LS0714 isn’t the most popular saw because of its blade size.
The Makita LS0714 is one of those rare tools that sells for pretty much the same price across the board, so don’t pay more than $450 anywhere.

The top of this stand adjusts up and down so you can line up the saw’s table with the wings.
When you want to adjust the riser height, simply loosen the wing nuts and adjust the jam nut against the case top to raise or lower the riser. I’m fond of a $30 jig that easily locates the holes for the hinges and the mounting plates (Jig-It System from Rockler item #31077). When the saw and vacuum are hooked up properly, the vacuum will come on automatically when you turn the saw on (thanks to Craftsman’s “Automatic Power Switch” #24031, $19.99), and it will turn off a few seconds after you finish your cut. Notch your plywood pieces to wrap around the shelf cleat and the power cord for the vacuum.
It’s extremely light – under 30 pounds and a little over two feet wide – and perfect for projects where portability is a plus.
Even if you have a larger miter saw, don’t be surprised if this becomes your primary saw. That 104-degree swivel and 50-degree tilt are all brought to you by a tiny, 28.9-pound machine. A lot of people worry that it doesn’t have the capacity they need to cut larger stock. Turn the vacuum’s switch to “on,” place it in the new cubby and hook up the hose going through the back.
For the rest of us, though, especially those of us who do cabinetry and furniture-making, and maybe a little crown for our friend’s dining room We fit right into that little niche between over-the-top and bare bones. It has standard miter stops and a decent one-way bevel range, and a 12″ slide ensure that we can flat-cut any crown we want. Instead of using this one for the portable jobs, you’ll just use the other one for the really big jobs.
If you’re used to a saw that has preset stops at all the crown angles, you might have a little trouble switching to a flat system.

The better shops mounted the miter saw to a rolling cart and attached permanent wings to support long pieces and to hold a fence with stops for doing repetitive cuts.
Put another flat washer on the other side of the riser with a jam nut to set the bolt in place. Screw an outlet strip to the bottom of the case and run its cord through a hole in the back.
Not only does it reach the standard speeds for a 12″ blade, but the Makita LS0714 runs at 6,000 rpm under no load.
However, with a little patience, a protractor, and a big angle chart printed out and taped up behind your saw, you’ll be a pro in no time, uh, flat.
Plus the dust collection works quite well, so you can use it in the house without making your family evacuate. You can swivel the miter from 47 degrees left to 57 degrees, right, and there are 9 preset stops at 0, and 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 on both sides. Note that this is a compound miter, not a dual compound miter, and your bevels can go up to 45 degrees on the left only (and 5 degrees on the right).
This is important because the riser floats over the case on four bolts, which allows you to adjust the saw up and down.
Be sure to keep the bolts as close as you can to the feet without them interfering with each other. When you’ve marked the locations for the riser bolts, drill your holes completely through the riser and the top of the case.

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