The large wheels make it easier to get around sites & onto the truck, plus the extension rollers all fold into a neat package.
I've also seen a few plywood set-ups that are pretty decent, I had one for a while, but it was just too heavy & cumbersome, and I like everything I have now to have wheels, I'm too old to carry stuff around. Every home is different, and some parts of America build in different styles, so this is generic but should work for most. Look for indentations from the drywall screws, you may be able to locate one or two and measure from there. Once you've located one, measure the 16" or 24" on center (they will be marked on your tape) and test with a nail. Modern homes use 2x4 at 16" on center walls, but they can be at 2x6 at 24" on center as well. Bosch is coming out with a new folding leg miter saw stand (GTA3800) that is designed to offer the support professionals need in a lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use package. The Bosch GTA3800 miter saw stand features two integrated workpiece supports that can be extended to provide up to 16 feet of support.
The saw is built from lightweight aluminum* for greater portability, while being sturdy enough to support up to 300 lbs. The only question that remains is how well with this stand hold up compared to the very highly reviewed Dewalt DW723 stand? I’m not sure of the answer to this, and am looking into it, but I seriously doubt that Bosch would come out with a new miter saw stand that only supported a fraction of their saws.

Better improvement provides home improvement tools, decorations, furniture, gadgets and reviews of home improvement tools people can use to improve their houses. Learn how you can put together this two-wall shop in your new or existing garage or workspace. You’ll want to start building or improving your shop, starting with this Rust-Oleum based nonslip, epoxy paint and sealed floor. The four projects consist of a Mobile Mitersaw Stand, a Compact All-Purpose Workbench with Tool Cabinet, a Planer Cart and a Power Tower to help organize your new or existing shop. Vertically thinking, the Power Tower can be used to hold and house most medium to small portable and bench top tools. Horizontally thinking, the mobile mitersaw stand includes drop-down wings for easy storing, built-in dust collection, adjustments for customizing the fence, shelf, and wings to your specific saw model. There is an additional project also included to make your workbench a real added value with a Tool Cabinet Storage and Drawer System.
This video covers all the details within Issue #54, with an up close look at this new shop.
In additional to all the projects in this issue, you will also find Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets from Cabinotch. Some new Tips & Tricks have been added, featuring a bottomless tablesaw crosscut jig, a Wedge Cutting Jig, Improvised Edge Clamp, and an easier way of removing those disposable gloves that are a hassle to take off. All this and more packed into another great issue from Woodcraft Magazine can be found at your local Woodcraft store, online, and now through digital subscriptions for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC.

The stand folds up into a compact package for one-handed transport and storage, and can be collapsed and rolled to a new location without removing an attached miter saw. Looking at photos of the saw, I would say that it’s made from a combination of the two metals, with most structural components being aluminum. The Bosch looks to be comparably built but with a few added bells and whistles, most notably support rollers and wheels for greater short-distance jobsite mobility.
We couldn’t find it at any of our favorite online retailers, but expect it to be listed shortly now that it has hit the market. Putting it on casters will save you much needed space where you may be trying to have a shop and save parking space for the vehicles.
Excellent suggestions and guidance to make that shop happen, and you won't break the bank doing it.
However,? when I look at the dimensions in the Cut List for the Spacer and Mounting Boards, they are listed as 24" long. It looks like the extending workpiece support beams may be made from steel, which would make sense to avoid deflection when at their maximum extended distances.
With an adjustable shaft, turning is made easier from key chains to pens with out the need for spacers.

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