Firstly, when talking about versatility, it is important to note that this stand has one of the greatest ranges for material support when fully extended. For me, another big part of a tool’s versatility is how well it cooperates with other tools and I have to give the DWX723 pretty good marks.
The only real extra this saw has are the work stops on the supports but they are about the best feature you could ask for on a miter saw stand.
You’d expect that such an expensive work stand would have it all, but it seems that Dewalt focused mostly on durability in their design.
I also have a strong opinion that they should have included the larger stops on the original instead of having them as an extra purchase. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.
I would assume that the working height is custom designed to your measurements ?The length of the extensions would dictate to the availability to your shop.
The other day We had been recalling all of us kids Having outdoors foods within our patio along with my personal mother and father as properly as the buddies.
Plus a practical amazing rewards of the vacation desk imply deliberate bloodstream level significantly more than any sort of keep purchased variations, is the fact is that you simply simply strike a fairly uncounted redoubled determining associated with cerebration issue, perservative as properly as style. Therefore, away We surfed upon Personality searching for Ideas for any have a picnic tableland. Fortunately, We had been interpersonal Having a man inbound entranceway who had been the legitimate do-it-yourself man, that skilled set up storage sheds as well as planters by way of plans, therefore i requested him or her regarding enterprise a holiday level by indicates of Tips. Deluxe Miter Saw Stand Has the Angles CoveredIf you have a project that calls for precision, the Craftsman deluxe miter saw stand will help you make sure you get it right the first time without frustrating slips and wasted wood.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW:The Ryobi Miter Saw Stand features durable steel construction and can accommodate most miter saws. This thing is 35 solid pounds but that almost seems light once you analyze the size and build.
The table extensions lock into place solidly wherever you need them and remain as level as you could hope for when completely extended, which is quite impressive considering they enlarge the table by so much (I can get away with not using any extra rigging to cut 20’ers). The legs lock into place ‘like that’ and it is easy to adjust the arms to the lengths you need. It is solid enough to be a stationary workbench but light and compact enough that you can take it out on the jobsite or into someone’s kitchen you’re remodeling. While the company recommends using a ?” plywood base between the brackets and saw for other brands of miter saws, I have noticed that it isn’t with all of the other brands.
A very simple mechanism allows a positive stop to flip up (and back out of the way again) which makes it easy to repeat cuts. This is actually my personal preference but there are a few things it seems they could have included for the price. But I have loved useing the ridged one but after 5 years and hundreds of jobs it's starting to fall apart on me. I maybe could nigh fragrance the real hamburgers within the grille as well as recognizeing which satisfying spud greens.
With the actual preserving appealing an audio upon the earnings, edifice a holiday desk your self using a genuinely good-hearted group of holiday cost programs may well maintain considerably of bucks. The actual stroll associated with course, exposed in reality hundreds associated with hyperlinks for any have a picnic tableland path, Nevertheless items to figure out upon.
The stand rests on sturdy steel legs that lock in place to support up to 330 pounds-that’s plenty of capacity for your saw and your project materials. NJ 08731 Our Policy:*MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS*· We will only ship to the address you used when checking out. The quick-release mounting brackets help you easily mount and remove your miter saw from the stand. The portable, lightweight model MS3102 miter saw stand features a tubular steel frame with large 1.5 in. This is a top of the line model capable of handling a 12″ saw or many other tools with its quick attach mounts.
The T4B features Boscha€TMs patented gravity rise system, for quick and easy set up and breakdown. You can tell that the legs, the extensions, and of course the work surface itself present no danger of fragility at all. But 35 lbs sure isn’t much when you compare its weight to the larger 12’ miter saws out there and the fact that it folds up makes it much easier to keep balanced when carrying.

After the first two or three times, it is really easy to mount and then remove your saw from it. Honestly though, they could have made them a little bigger-maybe an inch taller and two wider.
First, I’d say they could make wheel attachments for the bottoms of the legs, and if not that, they could at least have made the legs independently adjustable for working on uneven ground.
And I also think it would still be profitable at the same price if they would have replaced all the plastic parts with metal ones. While big framing crews don’t necessarily need these types of work benches, they could definitely get use out of it. After that as well as presently there We chose to get pregnant a vacation tableland organization as properly as produce a higher have a picnic tableland with regard to my personal lady as well as youngsters. I’d noticed scary tales by means of associates associated with my own once they acquired disembarrass programs on-line distinctive to recognize following Finding the materials as well as perform to construct the genuine work, which dimensions had been nonexistent, Info skipped, as well as believed needing components a person could not buy within your area. With a simple turn of the release lever and some slight downward pressure, the weight and balance of the saw will raise the stand and saw and lock it into working position. The only parts that aren’t going to stick around forever are the few plastic pieces Dewalt chose to use.
I don’t weigh my lumber out before I cut it but I sure haven’t had any fears for the thing collapsing when I’ve taken it through its paces. Even when it has been folded up though, it is still 5’ long which can obviously fit into a truck or trailer but not into the backseat or trunk of my compact car.
Remember that the saw does actually come with the DW231 mounting brackets and extension stops; apparently many people have been misled by pictures and recommended buys into buying an extra set but I research all expensive tools quite a bit and luckily I picked up that little piece of information. I imagine that for the carpenter who is 5’10” to 6’2”, it is perfect height but I am 5’6” and it would have been nice for them to include adjustable legs taller and shorter guys also.
These are mainly nitpicky little things that don’t really devalue the saw being left off, so to speak, but they could have added value if included. DIYers, remodelers, and finishers could use this as well but there is actually a smaller version that would probably be sufficient for either of those groups, though it is the same price. Once that saw is slide in the front to back location what method are you going to use to lock it into that position ? Cautious, the real phratry may possibly go an location typical, Nonetheless who does impoverishment so that you simply can liquor the cumbera few barbecue, make, gentle adjustable as well as analysis the glaciers furnishings.
The stand includes a two-outlet power strip, giving you the freedom to work away from electrical outlets. The stand has a four outlet power strip, so after plugging in the stand you can plug in the saw and up to three other devices.
Turn the same release lever again to fold the stand and saw and you are ready to roll it easily to the next location. Actually, I’ve only had mine for about a month and I can tell that one of the leg locks is going to break sooner rather than later. They did include a handle on the underside for carrying without which it would be a struggle for some to move this stand around.
I myself, just attached a few scraps to provide me with what I needed, but you do have the option of purchasing the larger ones that Dewalt makes if you would rather go that route.
Admittedly, the leg construction they decided on adds to the stability of the saw (on even ground). The height adjustable support extensions are equipped with handy material cutting stops and rollers. If so is there any pre arrangement other than that picture that would compensate for this ? Availability: Inventory on EBay changes constantly and it is impossible to maintain perfect accuracy at all times. Designed to roll out, set up in seconds, and transform any garage or driveway into a practical workshop. The T4B utilizes an aluminum support rail and special Universal Rapid-Release Tool Mounts designed to attach to the base of all Bosch and most competitors’ miter saws.
You must also ask for a quote before purchasing· International orders will only be shipped through Ebay’s Global Shipping Program· International shipping is not free and not available in all countries. The stand comes with a vice to hold work, which is also easily removed with quick release mounts. If this should happen you will be immediately notified and issued a full refund Please do not penalize us if we have to refund you.Hassle Free Returns!! Ergonomically designed, the General miter saw stand has a 35-inch work height to reduce back strain.

We take actual pictures of the items, so you see exactly what you will receive and do our absolute best to highlight any flaws.
Miter saw stands are designed to work with most miter saws providing a stable work stand to improve your miter saws versatility for indoor and outdoor use. I have two additional tool mounts new in the box that I bought from the manufacturer that I am selling in a different listing, if you are interested. The same support rails expand for 18-Feet total material support, the highest among fully portable units. We have been shipping everything from the very fragile to the extra-large for over 15 years. I prefer local pickup, but I am willing to deliver to Chicago, southwest suburbs or NW Indiana for a modest charge–please call Mike at 219-765-5910 to discuss before bidding. You can rest assured that your order will make it there in one piece.· Some of our items are available for *Local Pickup Only* these items are not available for shipping and will not be shipped out.
Merchandise paperwork can usually be found online at the manufacturer’s website.We do our best to determine if all of the hardware is present. Adjustable repetitive stops and table supports also allow the stand to adapt to varying applications and saws.
Do not buy these products if you are not able to come to our store in NJ and pick the order up in person.· We operate in Ocean County, New Jersey. We hope that you are happy with our product and service and in return reward us with a five star rating. If you are a resident of NJ there will be a 7% sales tax added to your purchase· If you win an auction, we expect payment within 3 days of the auction ending· If payment is not made within 3 days we will open an unpaid item case with Ebay· Serious bidders only!!
I not noted, we will accept a return in this case or offer a partial credit to offset the cost if it is available locally and you still want the item.We conduct a full test of operability where possible. We will not cancel any bids, No exceptions!· It is the buyer’s responsibility to read all the details and ask any questions before placing a bid or making payment.· Used products are not guaranteed to come with everything that was originally included. We test for ‘power only’ for some items if it is not feasible to perform a full operability test. Once the package has been shipped out, it should reach your doorstep within 3 – 5 business days! If you do not see something in our photos then it is not included and you will not receive it.· All items sold “AS IS” do not come with a return policy. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and accurate before completing your checkout. I am ready and willing to resolve any situation swiftly.Customer Satisfaction is a top Priority.
We are not responsible for incorrect or undeliverable addresses and can ONLY ship to the address you provide us in your order. We will do everything within our power to solve any issue you have.· Just call (609) 489-4632 and ask for Jon· Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST· And Remember, Don’t Hesitate……Negotiate!
Please be aware that we are a clearinghouse for manufacturers and major suppliers, and in order to provide you with the fastest service, the item may be shipped directly from our distributor.
In the unlikely event that the item is sold out or on back order, we will issue a full and immediate refund. Currently, we only ship to physical addresses located within the 48 contiguous states of America. Certain items can be shipped to PO Boxes, please contact us to confirm shipping eligibility. Returns and Exchanges We will gladly accept all returns, no questions asked, within 30 days of the purchase date. Please send us a message or open a Return Request through Ebay if you intend to return a product and we will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). We will do everything in our power to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Let us know through Ebay’s messaging system and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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