November 26, 2013 by ToolDude For cross cutting lumber and molding it is best to use a compound miter saw as they will save time and make work a lot easier. It has a miter detent plate and 11 positive stops which helps improve its productivity and cutting. You get a three year limited warranty and a one year free service when you purchase this Dewalt DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12 inch. It comes with one carbide blade, one dust bag, blade wrench, and a vertical material clamp. Of course, it doesn’t have wheels or the option as an accessory so you won’t be able to keep your saw on it and move it, but for a non wheeled version, this work station is quite portable. The only adjustment you need on this stand to use non-Dewalt miter saws is a ?” piece of plywood between the clamps and the saw. Obviously, the mobility this one boasts increases one area of versatility but its limited extensions make it lose ground to its big brother in another area. The positive stops on the table extensions are a really wonderful perk of this work station. Another nice feature is the rubber feet which allow you to set up inside finished homes without damaging the floor.
Keep in mind that this is a rolling stand so it will not be quite as solid as one with 4 simple legs, but it does hold the saw itself very sturdily. Portability is obviously the main focus of the design, but it is not just portability for the stand itself, because you can leave the saw attached and move it all the way to upright position. The only really versatile aspect of this saw is its compatibility with any miter saw you would like to put on it.
As far as different uses go, it cannot handle very large work: not very long nor very heavy materials. In my opinion, Dewalt would have a higher quality product if they would have gone with positive board stops instead of the rollers. The once mentioned support system to keep the extensions solid is another glaring weakness. I honestly believe that the best use for this stand is for an older DIYer who needs to move their miter saw around their workshop and home. By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. Read our Review of the Ridgid X4 Lithium-ion Combo Kit or pick up this deal at The Home Depot.
And if that’s not good enough, check out this deal: Get an 18V Lithium-ion Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Kit with a free tool or extra battery for just $299! Lastly you can pick up this 22-piece impact-ready bit set that would make a great stocking-stuffer for that special tool-user in your life. When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. Millions of consumers around the world have turned to Dewalt whenever they needed a high quality power tool or type of equipment for their various construction and carpentry jobs and projects.
As is the case with most comparable models, the Dewalt DW718 model comes fully equipped with a 15-amp motor that is designed for power and speed – 3,600 rpm. Its miter detent plate, for example, is made out of stainless steel so it will definitely provide a quality cut and sturdiness that other miters cannot deliver.
There are many other compound miter saws that are developed by other manufacturers and popular brands that weigh much less than this 53-pound model. The carry handle makes it much easier to carry this weighty equipment around between jobsites so you do not have to be completely burdened down by its heavy structure. There are so many different benefits that you can enjoy by using the Dewalt DW718 12” double-bevel compound miter saw over many other models that are currently available.
A compound miter saw saves more space than most table saws as they are mounted on a stand.They work faster than most saws and make a great addition to anyone working in construction. It comes with a 15 amp motor with 3,800 rpm and a bright LED light to help you see better in darker areas.It has an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stopes that helps improve its accuracy and productivity. It has a large pivoting fence along with a laser marker that allows you to cut every time with perfection. Made from lightweight aluminum it weighs ‘only’ 30 lbs which is 5 pounds less than its big brother the 723 but it features a significantly smaller footprint (43” as opposed to 60”).

I think the fact that legs are simple- no length adjustment or wheels- adds to its solidity.
At least that is what Dewalt says, in actuality some of my other brand saws fit right on it without a hitch.
It could have a few more features but it seems the two main focuses Dewalt had were durability and making this one compact, upon which they delivered marvelously. They get out of the way quickly when you don’t need them and it is easy to adjust them to where you need. They are screwed into the bottom so you aren’t going to lose them when you’re in a hurry like the old model.
I did choose this one anyway, but it clearly takes fewer raw materials to make this one than the other one so why would it not be cheaper? It could also help out a single contractor would does different remodeling or finishing work. In order to do this, all you have to do is release a break and push down on the handle so that the saw mount lowers to stow position (it actually needs the saw’s weight to aid with this).
The originals were plastic though, so I upgraded mine to pneumatic one after about 2 weeks.
This is currently Dewalt’s only wheeled design and that I guess gives it a leg up on other Dewalt stands but it is probably not the best design out there for wheeled stands. The rollers do make it easier for one man to handle 2’x6’s and the like but the setup already struggles with increased weight so I’m confused as to why they exchanged these for the stops.
But in truth, there are better attempts at the same concept by other brands as well as better stands by Dewalt.
First, Ridgid is offering their latest 18V X4 Lithium-ion Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit for $199.
Dewalt has truly been able to maintain a strong reputation when it comes to quality tools because of their revolutionary technology and the wide range of features that come standard with the majority of their leading models. Even though that is not quite as high as the 4,000 rpm that is delivered by many other high-end models on the market, it comes with many other high quality features that make up for that slight deficiency that still keeps it towards the top of the list of some of the best compound miter saws currently available today. Its plate comes with ten different stops so that the average user is able to increase their daily productivity by ensuring that all of their cuts are both accurate and precise.
However, there are not that many models that come close to matching the power and quality that comes with the DEWALT DW718 12-Inch Double-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw.
In addition to all of the other features and benefits that have already been mentioned above, it is also compatible with the Dewalt DW7187 adjustable miter saw laser system.
Even though it is not the lightest model currently available on the market, it is specifically designed to last and to provide its users with a quality cut project after project. It comes with a three year limited warranty as well as a one year free service at time of purchase. The manufacturer promises that it can support 500 lbs and I would believe it if they said more.
Dewalt advertises that the 724 can support 10’ of material but you can squeeze out a few extra feet if you know what you are doing.
This is considered a stationary piece of equipment but it is light and small enough to move around within the same worksite. There are similar products with this feature and I think it was a great decision for them to include them on both models. Dewalt, like all big American companies could afford to provide more or lose a little profit. To begin using the saw you release the brake again and pull up on the handle (with compression assistance so you don’t have to muscle it up).
As heavy as it is though, you can’t get it into a truck bed very easily by yourself and it is best if you have a trailer if you need to drive it somewhere. The rollers do adjust quite high so you can use the bottoms of them as less accurate stops if it helps any.
You really need to take your time and have patience or you will end up with pieces left over. And it seems to me, with the design they could have given you two extra wheels or at least provided them as an accessory.
It really is a nice idea but the execution was too poor for it to compete with more expensive versions. This isn’t just the 18V cordless drill and impact driver, it also includes their new 18V compact radio as well as TWO slim Hyper Lithium-ion battery packs.

One of the best examples that they currently have to offer that combine high quality with power and efficiency is the DEWALT DW718 12-Inch Double-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw. Many consumers have praised this particular model for its versatility and user-friendly design that makes it easy to use by beginners and experts alike.
Therefore, you are able to benefit from an even higher level of accuracy and precision by using a red laser line for a high quality cut every single time. There is no real secret, then, as to why Dewalt has been able to maintain such a length track record of success within this particular industry, providing nothing but the best products for their customers time and time again. It has a carbide blade, blade wrench, and four hardened steel bevel stop that adds versatility to this machine. There is a large table that will support materials.It has a 15 amp motor and a five year warranty.
The only real improvement they could have made in this category is the inclusion of too much plastic. There is a two button mechanism to remove them: cumbersome maybe the first two tries but then it’s simple and you appreciate how strong the bond is between your saw and workstation. You can fasten a saw to it quickly and the simple levers make leg setup and extension adjustment quick and painless. They could have included the larger stops on the saw (because you have to try a little too hard to keep your thinner materials on them when extended far from you) but then they couldn’t sell them for a bit extra could they? It is annoying to me that they didn’t, for instance, use metal lock nuts throughout the design. Both the 723 and the 724 are great values, but which one will suit your uses best is the better choice for you. One concern I have though, is that Dewalt makes other stands advertised as being able to handle a total load of 1000 lbs and this one is only listed with a 300 lb maximum load.
Regarding the work extensions, I’ve already mentioned that they sag with different weights but I would like to add that they do not stay level as you extend them out either.
I should note here that you must wrap the cord up after you change the position or it gets pinched. The handle is everyone’s most listed frustration but luckily I had read somewhere to put the smaller bolt in first and that made it work for me too. He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions.
It is user friendly with a vibration reducing elastonerhorizontal grip handle along with a built-in clamping system. Everyone needs to know though, that the saw does come with the universal clamps (DW231) that aren’t pictured. Dewalt really should have included some sort of support on the end that drops all the way to the ground so you didn’t have to move your materials about so daintily. It is pretty stable in the upright position even with a saw on but I attach mine to the wall with string just in case. There are accessories that come with this saw such as a dust bag, vise assembly, box wrench, a hex bar wrench. I actually bought and extra set but it worked out because now that I have two sets of brackets, I can keep my most used miter saw clipped in to one set and use the other set as needed. I’ve had mine for awhile but I guess I still have 2 and a half more years to put it through its paces before I have to pay or do my own repair work. Or they could have used extensions like the ones on the DWX723 and 724 because they are much more solid. So the extra brackets actually come in handy for me but for others, it would just be an annoying additional expense. If I had to guess, it will be the support arms that go first because they already sag under different weights and both arms slide into the same tube.
The design is still working but I fear that with age it may get harder to work them to the necessary positions.

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