Portability – If you are going to be moving the saw a lot you might want to stay away from the sliding miter, it is heaver and bulkier. Carbide Tip – Stays sharper the longest, great for hardwood cuts, more expensive than steel. I have had the Robi cordless miter for a few years now and it has the balls to cut a 2×4.
It looks like might it also might have a vac connection because there is a M18 vacuum underneath. Miter Saw AccessoriesI found it to be very effective, with either a standard miter saw or a sliding-compound model. BUILDING A FEXIBLE SAWBUCKI used my Delta sliding compound miter saw for this, but a radial arm saw would work as well, your table saw will work or you could use a protractor and Unfold the assembly and stand it up so that the mitered ends of the legs sit flat on the floor. Power Miter II Chop SawSafety Instructions for Miter Saw Safety is a combination of common sense Place the saw so neither the user nor bystanders are forced to stand in line with blade.
SOME TIPS ON DeWalt RADIAL ARM SAW RECONDITIONINGStand at the end (either end) of the table and look at the gap between the top of your board and the Try the saw in bevel and miter positions also.
While this deal is going on, for the $200 price difference you get the LED unit on the DWs780, a better saw blade, and a 6-foot heavy duty miter saw stand with extending support arm. You must add both the saw and stand to your cart, and the discount for the free saw stand will appear during checkout.

I would buy something like this from Amazon over Lowes or Home Depot, but if you prefer to pick up the miter saw and stand locally, Lowes is participating in the promo as well. Update: Thanks to Paul for the heads-up about the model number for this promo bundle at Home Depot!
I’d be interested to see a comparison between this type of stand and the gravity rise big wheeled sort of stand. It’s upsides are being longer, so it should be more stable when dealing with long pieces of material. Now, if Bosch did a promotion like this on their Gliding Compound Miter Saw, ooooohh, I’d be in trouble. I have the Ryobi !8v One+ cordless miter, and was pretty handy the day I decided to build an outdoor planter.
I worry about the tool having the nuts to power thru the toughest of woods if its battery powered.
If you can do without the XPS LED cut line guidance system and don’t mind a cheaper blade, the DWS782 costs $200 less. Yes, you HAVE inspired me to get to work on my place, and it’s good to know what tools will help me. I could have used my M18 fuel, but a chop saw was better for all of the repetitive cuts i needed to make.

But if you don’t want to compromise any features, the DWS780 still costs $600, but a new promo means you can buy it and get a free miter saw stand with a retail value of $180-$200. I think that our brothers in Europe get these first to test the tool before it hits the states. My thing with the Ryobi would be more about accuracy in cutting trim prieces this its the perfect tool for to use a dual voltage battey so you would have 36v volts to work with. I have always waited for a product to be out in the market before I pull the trigger to read more reviews. A tool can be cool & innovated, but if it does not do what it was marketed for why bother. We all know in a few years it’s going to be a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars less any way.

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