Finding the perfect inspection camera is quite a task, there are so many on the market  They have a ton of features and come at all different price ranges. Long 9 ft Cable:  Nothing is worse than having a short cable, 9 ft gets you into most any situation. I am actively looking for an inspection camera but it is impossible for the potential buyer to compare image quality between competing brands. The 1.5 battery helps keeps the cost competitive with other 12v cameras, they all have low Ah batteries also. These inspection cameras are very cool, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on one because I have never found a use for one, well in my line of work.

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In fact if you give it to me I will give away my current M12 Inspection camera to another TIA follower!
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The only thing is Milwaukee just had their big media event, and nothing was mentioned officially. Milwaukee could just release it at any time they have done that before just release a tool out the blue the Fuel band saw was like that.

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