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The M18 CCS66 Circular Saw Cuts Faster and Weighs up to 40% less than corded saws, while delivering  2X more run-time than other 18 volt cordless circular saws. I was treated to an early look at the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw at a Milwuakee media event in 2013.
Luckily I had a respectable night’s sleep because I was cutting those boards for a long time.
Although most circ saws don’t have a rafter hook, just about all of them have a blade guard (hopefully)! Blade changes were easy thanks not only to a push-button spindle lock, but also an onboard hex key to loosen and tighten the arbor nut. As with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall, I think a lot of people’s corded circular saws will start gathering dust after a Fuel Circular saw purchase.
With the ability to cut a wide range of common jobsite materials, the M12™ circular saw was designed to deliver the power, run-time and durability required by professionals.
REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is the most advanced system of cordless power tool electronics, providing optimized performance and overload protection by using total system communication between tool, battery and charger. There were a lot of great tools at this event, but the two that most impressed me were the M18 Fuel Sawzall and the M18 Fuel Circular Saw. I wouldn’t describe the wood as rock-hard, but the timber was likely old growth and it was hard enough to stand up to decades of abuse as the surface of the workbench.
The design of the blade guard on the Fuel circ saw is about more than just protecting your digits and the rest of you from a sharp blade whirring by your body like a hat-tip from Oddjob. With the offset wrenches we normally use on our other saws inevitably floating around in a tool bag or somewhere other than where they are supposed to be, we welcome the inclusion of the hex key right on the tool. This is an interesting time in cordless power tool technology with both the Milwaukee Fuel and Makita’s LXT X2 36V on the market (or soon to be in the case of the Makita).
The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor outperforms all leading competitors with constant power output, yet runs cooler with no wearable components. Features include a LED light to increase accuracy in low light situations, a rafter hook for easy storage in-between cuts, a magnesium shoe as well as upper and lower guards to reduce tool weight while not sacrificing durability. He was that tough-as-steel henchman that used a bowler hat lined with razor blades as a lethal weapon.

Both really changed my perspective of what’s currently possible with cordless technology on higher-draw tools like reciprocating and circular saws.
That’d be like Oddjob trying to toss his bowler onto a coat rack with the lights off. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw is one of the most impressive uses of cordless tool tech we’ve seen to date. The run-time on these tools is incredible, and based on this review I might just look into the circular saw to add to my FUEL collection. Lots of great choices – when the manufacturers battle it out, the consumers ultimately win!
REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures optimized performance and protects your investment from overload, overheating, and over-discharge. What does Oddjob have to do with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw review we just wrapped up? Since I had cut through sheets of OSB and even tackled some very thick engineered material at the event, I knew just tasking the M18 Fuel Circular Saw with cutting a sheet of plywood would be child’s play. Often times a rafter hook with a corded tool can be a pain since the power cord inevitably gets in the way.
While the wind from this port on the front of the guard isn’t likely to trigger any hurricane warnings, it does do a respectable job clearing the immediate cut line of debris. We’re still waiting on a manufacturer to make a tool-free blade change possible on a circular saw. I have been really impressed with Milwaukee’s latest Fuel M18 tools (Circ saw, sawzall and grinder). Well, nothing really, other than the very loose analogy of a portable, circular tool that’s convenient, fast, surgical and highly effective. With the cordless design of the Fuel saw, the rafter hook is even more handy and easy to use. In the well-lit environments I used the tool in, the built-in LED just wasn’t noticeable. With that said, our legal team strongly discourages the use of bowler hats OR circular saws as weapons, OK?
If you do much circular sawing in low-light scenarios (not something we’d typically recommend), then you might find the LED useful. We were glad to see engraved markings rather than degrees printed on the tool, just waiting to be scuffed off.

From Dewalt compound miter saw to their cordless drills, reciprocating saw, circular say I’ve used them all and there is no comparison with Milwaukee. Read on for potentially more bad analogies, as well as both written and video renditions of our Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw Review. Since most people don’t stand around cutting double-stacked sheet goods all day, mileage will vary depending on the blade and types of materials being cut. And, if you’re actually in the rafters making cuts, the hook is worth its weight in gold.
I paid something like $375 for a Milwaukee 9v VSR drill when they first came out I guess close to 25 years ago or more and I’m not kidding if I knew where that drill was it would probably still work with the original batteries that came with it. And they get used almost every day for hours at a time hanging doors, windows, you name it. They have been dropped off ladders, roofs, scaffolding and I don’t know what all and they just keep working. And if anyone has experience with cordless tools they know the batteries are the first thing to go but three of the five batteries I have are as old as the drills 6 or 7 years and there is no difference that I can tell between those and the newer ones I have that are 2 years old except for a lot more scratches on the older ones. I had a Dewalt drill fall out of my tool belt on the cement one time and it never worked again. I pulled the trigger, a white puff a smoke came out and that was all she wrote, I rebuilt the gears in a Dewalt cordless reciprocating saw twice in a month. The warranty covered the repairs because it was less than a year old but I bought the tool to use not sit in the repair shop. The brake quit working after a week in Dewalt 12″ compound miter saw that I paid close to $400 for and that was the last Dewalt tool I ever bought. And the little Dewalt cordless circular saw that came with their kit that included reciprocating saw , a VSR drill, that circular saw, a flashlight, charger and (2) 18v or 24v batteries not sure which but I sold that little circular saw, batteries, charger, flashlight and case in a garage sale for $15 and told the guy that bought it why that was all that was left of the kit and he still couldn’t get the money out of his pocket quick enough to buy it.
One more thing, I am so glad Milwaukee started making hand tools the only thing is that I already have every hand tool known to man so I’ve just started buying them one at a time just so I can see how they stack up.

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