Now, Milwaukee Tools has created another tool for your tool box that is both useful for your contracted work or that job around the house as well as the moment that 5 o’clock whistle hits or the job is over. With a “Cushion-Grip” handle this bottle opener has the same look and design as a traditional screwdriver. For those not sold on the bottle opener in the tool box, this item also features a built-in wire stripper that strips up to 10-gauge wire.
A couple of months ago Milwaukee kicked off the brushless tool race with their new generation of M18 Fuel tools. Milwaukee is again expanding their Fuel lineup of brushless tools, this time right into their M12 lineup. At a recent new product media event, Milwaukee engineers touted how the the new M12 Fuel drills and drivers were so much more powerful and longer-running that current and competing models. Due to the M12 battery packs’ form factors, current M12 drills and drivers have somewhat bulky handles. Since only a prototype was on-hand, we’re not sure what the final impact driver will look like. Official specs for the new M12 brushless tools have not yet been released, but we know that Milwaukee intends to power them with new RedLithium 2.0Ah battery packs. It was difficult to get a good feel for the tools in the 5-minutes we had to demo them at the media event, but they felt very well balanced.
We will need to test the new drills and drivers first-hand on our own terms to be sure that the tools are as comfortable as we initially felt, but we doubt our final impression will be too different from our first. The new M12 brushless drills and impact drivers will definitely be worthy upgrades based on their improved ergonomics and Milwaukee’s runtime claims. We don’t know what other brands are planning, but suspect that they are working on next-generation high capacity batteries of their own.
Those handles look a lot like the Bosch handle alignment for some of their tools…maybe they won’t be the only ones releasing brushless 12volt tools soon? The last time I asked I was told the screwdriver takes insert bits and the impact driver power bits or insert bits with use of a standard (impact-rated?) bit holder. I am curious about runtime though, if hear of a big increase then it will be worth picking up one of these to add to my line up. We like most of our current M12 tools quite a lot (maybe their tubing cutter is an exception) – so ours are not likely to get swapped out until they are ready for dust bin. Soft cases are more compact and save on costs, allowing brands to price their tools more competitively. Bosch and Dewalt are probably going to push their respective L-Boxx and Tstak tool box systems for those who want more protection than a soft case provides. Milwaukee has shown no signs that they will develop a new interlocking storage system of their own, but perhaps they’ll side with another brand and cooperate to make custom inserts available. I always though that the Milwaukee 12 volt handles were more comfortable than the Bosch 12 volt anyways. I won’t be able to justify replacing my existing M12 tools, but I’m excited for these! Milwaukee still currently makes all there Sawzalls and blades in a US facility in Mississippi.

The fact that it’s a Chinese company with their brand named after a US city is like a slap in the face to me. What I look for is a quailty tool – with a manufacturer that will stand behind it and has given some thought to doing a decent QA job.
They appear the same and I bought a few more XC 12 volt batteries from amazon for around $30(Really good deal). I’m surprised no one has noticed that since TTi took over Milwaukee they are just churning tools out one after the other. Honestly, what does Milwaukee being a child company of TTI have to do with their new 12V drills and drivers? In the past I have had compact tools that would overheat with hard use, and I think because of that just didn’t last like the full size ones did. 12V drills and drivers have approached or even surpassed the power levels of certain 18V models, usually the low and mid-end models.
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Speed: aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through the wood faster and without effort, resulting in faster drilling. Replaceable SWITCHBLADE™: The SWITCHBLADE™ replaceable blade system ensures your blade is always razor sharp. Application: suitable for all general contractors, electricians, plumbers and HVAC engineers who require to drill through holes in wood for all types of pipe, vents and wire trunking.
Each Selfeed bit is supplied with 2x blades, 2x replaceable feed screws, 2x set screws and 1x allen key.
Milwaukeea€™s Red Li-ion cells are now at the heart of their cordless range and they claim to achieve consistently better results than their major rivals.
This drill was the only one to complete the drilling of the 25mm auger bit through 150mm of softwood. We liked the way the side handle clamped to the metal gear box to avoid any twist in the body.
Touting an ergonomic design, the handle resists slippage and helps you pop those tops quickly and easily. The initial line included a heavy duty drill and hammer drill, was recently expanded with an impact driver and impact wrenches.
While not quite as svelte as Dewalt’s 12V handles, the new M12 Fuel handles feel far more comfortable than prior M12 pistol-grip tools. Not that the brushed hammer drill could use any more power, but extra runtime is always appreciated. Milwaukee’s brushed screwdriver is very well liked, but its design and specs are dated. Even so, automotive users especially will be glad to see that Milwaukee will include impact wrenches with the initial M12 Fuel launch.
Compared to the brushed-motor M12 tools, the motor and gearbox assembly are shifted slightly more rearward.

They are also expected to be more powerful than the current-generation of 12V drills and drivers as well, making them quite future-proof.
Now let’s get them in stock and get some sale prices for the existing M12 tools so I can start converting. We put most of our smaller power tools into compartmentalized job boxes with the semi-customizedplywood interiors providing the needed prtection, added organization and visibility to spot what’s missing at the end of the work day. If it turns out that it’s not as comfortable as I first felt, it can still be removed via a single machine screw. If I can buy American I will – but yhis option seems to be diminidhing for some if not most classes of tools. You won’t squeeze maximum performance out of the tools, but they should be perfectly backwards compatible with all M12 and M12 RedLithium batteries. Milwaukee is churning out new products, and based on first-hand experiences I fail to see a problem with that.
We regularly carry 36V saws up onto a roof – because their wimpy 18V cousins are fine for some carpentry are not up to the jobs we throw at them up on the roof. It increases productivity by eliminating resharpening downtime and it increases the overall life of the bit. With a hole for hanging with your other tools and the helpful “Tip-Ident” cap on the top of the handle this opener should fit seamlessly into your truck box, tool box, belt, or shed. For heavier-duty usage Milwaukee’s new 12-volt rotary hammer will probably be more effective and comfortable to use.
A shift in gearbox and anvil design means that the new Fuel 12-volt brushless model is more compact and low-profile than the original brushed driver. They can endure twice the number of recharges and have been designed to operate below 0°F (-18°C). For any power tool designed to last for years the manufacturers should design a case to protect it that long as well.
It’s the XC battery that helped make the M12 band saw and new rotary hammer possible. Once I heard that (maybe it was here, and double checked by myself) that was the end of my relationship with their tools. When I buy DeWALT or Craftsmen at least I know the profits are coming back to the US and those companies still employ a lot of people here. An 18V model will be more ergonomic to use for the same task, usually with a larger more balanced handle and aux handle for additional support. That doesn’t make me feel like Milwaukee is focused on quality tools, like they were.

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