By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. We reviewed the Milwaukee 1107-6 D-handle drill and were able to include the optional right angle drive attachment (part 48-06-2871) that really turned this tool into something incredibly useful—more so than a simple D-handle alone. The chuck is a ridiculously overbuilt piece of hardware, and we got a good look at it when we moved it from the standard d-handle position to the end of the right angle drive attachment. When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. This same drill was given to me many years ago, it was already very used, but I can say I have put it through total hell and it still runs strong. I’ve been in the maintenance field for over twenty years, and have used several brands of drills. Get The Original Pink Box PB18VNIC Pink 18-Volt Cordless Drill at the best price available today. Download this FREE e-Book filled with useful advice on woodworking tool and wood selection, finding woodworking plans, and more. The new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mag Drills will be officially unveiled and available for purchase this summer. Like many of the Fuel products, Milwaukee is telling us that they are exceeding corded tool performance with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mag Drill in internal testing. DCS spends most of his time watching Mythbusters, trying to figure out what the labels that they blur out say, so that he can recreate the explosions.
Ask anyone who drills into concrete for a living and you’ll find that users of rotary hammers are clamoring for SDS-Plus cordless solutions. The Milwaukee M12 Rotary Hammer has all the rubber overmold you’d expect and was comfortable to use in our limited testing. We used it to drill through some cinder block and found the Milwaukee M12 Rotary Hammer to be very quick and easy to handle. This is a hefty tool, but all of that metal and heft translates into quality and durability. The handle is very sturdy and provides a solid grip in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
After a day of lifting nailing guns and cordless drills you may be surprised by its weight, but for those on the job, the trade-off is well worth it.

Spend a bit more for it because it is built to outlast the others, even newer tools from Milwaukee. They really got it right and there is a good reason that the tool has remained in production for more than 15 years. I like the snap on cord, after abusing the cord for years, I bought a new one and just snapped it on, nice..
I got mine in about 1987 and have used it for everything from driving drywall and woodworking screws to drilling in old concrete. I received an unforgettable lesson in that regard the very first time I went to use it, remembering how I'd learned ten years earlier to tighten and loosen a drill chuck (prior to the keyless chuck introduction) by holding the chuck while revving the motor.
We’ll keep our eyes on the chatter and see if more details become available throughout the week. His hobbies include impersonating Chuck Norris doing an impersonation of Sean Connery and fly fishing.
You try hauling a typical SDS-Plus hammer around all day and then begin thinking about how nice it would be to shave off a pound or so while you’re drilling. This compact model is made even more unusual by the fact that, instead of the expected M18 battery, the tool uses the M18 XC pack.
Forward and reverse drilling are made possible by a sliding thumb switch and the variable speed trigger control did well to allow us to finesse bits as needed.
Something that can handle a really tough job or situation that will end up saving you lots of time and money.
While I don’t expect many do-it-yourselfers or handymen to take the plunge on this kind of machinery, contractors should seriously consider it as a long-term specialty tool that will save you lots of headache and effort in the long-run… and time is money. I think I bought the one shown in the picture (it is a model 0234-1) in 1990 or so and the new ones are almost exactly the same. I certainly haven't tested its mettle like a pro, but I've always been more than satisfied with it.
This is a tool that should be in high demand from general construction and repair workers as well as electricians, plumbers and even HVAC installers.
The company even gives users access to the motor brushes through two easily removable caps which are located just fore of the handle on top and bottom.
This came in handy several times when the bit bound itself at the end of a particularly deep drilling session. Two hands are required for this tool and the solid metal body gave us a great place to apply some leverage and make sure we were positioned correctly for our right angle drilling.

He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions. This offers the flexibility to drill vertically, horizontally, or even at an angle precisely. That’s pretty impressive as far as performance and battery life are concerned, but what really impressed us was the speed and agility of the tool.
After all, if a tool saves you hours of work and hassle, then it has the potential of paying for itself over and over again. It worked so well, in fact, that we were able to use it to plunge through four 2×4 studs on a slight angle without having to tear the wall apart.
The continuous pull, variable speed trigger mechanism doesn’t have a lock, nor is that expected with a tool of this type. The keyed chuck allows you to really crank down on rounded bits (we had some masonry bits, for example, that didn’t feature the ubiquitous hex shafts) and as a result we never encountered bit slippage.
It's the best tool I have ever owned and if I do ever have to put it to rest, I know exactly which new drill I'll be looking for. With most magnetic drill applications calling for a hole saw, the alternative would be to use a hand held drill. You can easily hold it in one hand while drilling and the fatigue factor was lowered considerably. The model 300 is awkwardly positioned between the 0234 and the larger and more powerful Hole Hawg series. The magnetic drill is more powerful than the hand held drill, meaning that holes are also drilled faster than you would typically get from a hand held drill.
Milwaukee has several D-Handle drills on the market right now, most differing in their speeds and accessories (their entry level D-Handle drill, for example lacks the Quik-Lok removable cord).
Of course, on the high end you have the newer Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hole Hawg Right Angle Drill which is very impressive for a cordless tool and even outperforms their corded models in that range.

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