According to the manufacturer, this new saw, especially when used in combination with the new a€?Flexo 500a€? Universal Table, offers many different, possibly even unique, methods of stationary woodworking, using additional hand-held jigsaws, routers and circular saws from the Metabo range. Its convenient effective cutting length of 290 mm enables all usual laminates and parquet floorings, to be cut through in a single operation, even at an angle of 45A°.
All this guarantees an accurate cut, and of a quality that is particularly required for coated materials. As the manufacturer went on to say, the new saw can also be used for all normal mitre cuts on plastics, aluminium profiles and other nonferrous metals, in addition to wood and wood-like materials.
For professional use the new flush-mounted circular saw comes equipped with a powerful 1800 watt motor. Preisinformationen zum kompletten Metabo Maschinen und ZubehA¶r Programm finden Sie im Metabo Online Shop! Pour voir le produit et son prix, cliquez sur la vignette, ou sur le lien en jaune au dessus de la vignette. The leg stand unfolds in a matter of seconds and can be positioned securely, even on uneven surfaces. The light weight and compact design of this portable bench saw is another fantastic feature.
Get the latest news, special offers and up-coming events from Kelvin Power Tools delivered direct to your inbox. I thought that I would include the specifications for this little known flip over saw from Metabo. The Metabo KGT501 10″ Crosscut Mitre and Table Saw 240V changes over from crosscut mitre saw to table saw in a few seconds. The KGT501 has a torsion-resistant design giving good quality cutting in three modes, crosscut, mitre and table saw.
Powerful induction motor runs quiet, has an electronic motor brake and is maintenance-free. Thats it, as always, if you have one of these saws, please leave a comment or email me and let me know how you get on with it.
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This entry was posted in KGT501 and tagged Flip over saw, flip over saws, flip saw, flip saws, KGT501, Metabo. There are a few sensible terms and conditions too, you can read my Terms and Conditions Page here.
The Metabo TS254 features a completely integrated leg stand and robust wheel set but weights only 33kg, setting a new bench mark for portable table saws. A new flush-mounted circular saw from Metabo is now available, which is specially designed for laying wooden floors and for professional kitchen, exhibition stand and shop fitting. Moreover, this innovative saw, which replaces the a€?UK 220 Wa€? series, has a range of additional features, which facilitate ease of operation and extend its range of applications. This results in precision cutting whilst at the same time preventing splintering on the visible side of the material. According to the manufacturer, the range of accessories includes the universal fence, which can be progressively swivelled up to 90A° to the left and right for mitre and double mitre cuts.
Its soft start feature prevents abrupt start-up and its brake brings the saw blade to a halt in seconds, guaranteeing reliable and safe operation in the workshop or on building sites. All versions of the new flush-mounted circular saw a€?UK 290a€? are designed for professional use in interior finishing. The a€?UK 290a€? from Metabo comes as standard with a height-adjustable stand and can be folded compactly thanks to its ingenious design.
It's designed to be as easy to move around as possible with it's integrated folding leg stand and wheels.
It is very easy for you to transport the machine to and from various locations, and moving the tablesaw around those locations once you are there will be no problem at all. The mobile a€?UK 290a€? is fitted as standard with an integrated, folding stand with levelling system for a completely stable working surface.
In addition, as the power tool specialist, based near Stuttgart, explained on the producta€™s market launch, the tungsten-carbide saw blade supplied as standard contributes to the excellent cutting performance with a maximum depth of 60 mm. It fits on all sides of the table, which measures 618 x 422 mm, and is made of extremely flat continuous-cast sections. Moreover, the saw is designed with versatility in mind so that users can customise it to meet their individual requirements by choosing the appropriate accessories.

According to the NA?rtingen power tool specialists, the saw remains fully functional even when folded down; a feature, which is especially useful when working at floor level. However, kitchen makers, exhibition stand contractors and shopfitters as well as cabinet makers, joiners, carpenters and ambitious DIY users will appreciate its flexibility. What's more, even with the stand folded the new flush-mounted circular saw from the NA?rtingen manufacturer remains fully functional a€“ a practical advantage that will be appreciated particularly by parquet floor layers.
Vous pouvez rendre votre contenu inaccessible sur ce site - en l'excluant de l'indexation par le robot du moteur Bing. The legs are very lightweight despite their robustness, which allows the machine to remain very easy to manoeuvre. In addition, it has an extensive range of accessories and the tailor-made components enable it to be converted into a versatile workstation in seconds. It is specially matched to the flange and gears, and is equipped with alternately bevel-ground tips (diameter 220 x 30 mm with 36 teeth).
Locking points at the usual angle settings facilitate adjustment when work has to be carried out quickly. Apart from the height-adjustable a€?Flexo 500a€? Universal Table, with insert sets for jigsaws as standard and as optional extras for routers and circular saws, the range of optional extras also includes a slide and rear and side table extensions. According to Metabo, the manufacturer, this saw, especially when used with the new a€?Flexo 500a€? Universal Table, offers many methods of stationary woodworking using additional hand-held jigsaws, routers and circular saws. In addition, it weighs a mere 25 kg, enabling it to be carried effortlessly by one person from one operating site to another. These improve work quality and provide protection for the user, especially where bulky work pieces are involved. A parallel guide, mobile stand, dust extraction device and a saw blade box complete the wide range available.

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