The Metabo cordless magnetic core drill with 28 V, 3.0 Ah, li-ion battery pack technology is totally unique worldwide and its operation is truly fi rst class! Powerful Mechanical two-speed oilimmersed gearbox for optimum torque and long service life. Flexible MK tool chuck for additional fi tment of tools like HSS spiral drills, countersink bits and tapping cutters etc. Perfect placement Easy adjustment of the magnetic holding force allows you to position the drill perfectly to your drilling centre point.
Outstanding power and performance, up to 32 mm drill diameter, thanks to mechanical 2-speed gearbox for optimum speeds.

Highest safety at work thanks to magnetic force display preventing accidental deactivation of the magnet.
V-shaped magnet sole plate for direct fixation to tubes from 90 to 300 mm diameter, wall thickness min: 6 mm. Up to 15 x 18mm dia holes, 50mm deep per battery pack in standard steel.Number of holes dependant on hardness of metal, diameter of hole and depth of cut. You are no longer restricted by a cable and you can drill anywhere up to 40% faster than normal HSS spiral drills. Their high-performance Li-Power Extreme battery pack and the 4-pole compact motor give these machines maximum strength.

The strong permanent magnet allows for safe working in either horizontal or vertical positions, even when working overhead.
This makes them problem solvers even on the hardest of jobs - when drilling screws with diameters up to 2-in, and when drilling holes into wood up to max. The proven LTX motor with a two speed gear box, forward and reverse combined with overload protection ensures absolute perfect holes, be it for fixings or for tapping.

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