Calvin Jones of Park Tool compiled this montage of professional mechanics’ toolboxes. For over a decade we've provided updates and information on tools, tool cases, mechanic's licenses, team positions and other resources for those working on the race circuit or interested in life as a professional bicycle race mechanic.
Bovidix. This brand name was unknown to me until last October, when I received an odd email requesting coverage of the brand. What I learned from the brief emails is that Bovidix is a Russian tool company looking to expand operations in the US.
They didn’t answer my question about where the products are made, but according to Amazon product descriptions, at least some Bovidix tools are made in Taiwan. Both of the people who emailed me mentioned Bovidix’s Multibox System, which actually looks kind of neat, almost like Festool Systainers but sized for mechanics tools and hand tools. All of Bovidix’s tool sets are modular and it looks like the Multiboxes are designed to lay flat in tool drawers for easier access. I feel that Bovidix’s Multibox storage system and industrial hand tools might be worth taking a closer look at, but am on the fence. And for anyone with no experience with the brand, are you interested in hearing more about their tools?
I have never used or heard of them, but looking at their listings on Amazon, I love that the cases look to be steel and the idea of the multiboxes. 5) They certainly are priced like they are a well known European brand, which is problematic to me if the product is made in Taiwan.
2) They were left out for the sake of brevity, otherwise I would have had to mention Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Felo, Witte, as I consider these brands about equally. Some lesser known (here in the US anyway) European brands also include: Elora, Hazet, Heyco, Klann and Stahlwille. Some of the tools appeared to be marked Fasangas, which I believe is an Italian tool company. On the other hand, if you get a set to review and the review is positive I might be inclined to try them.
Not sure about tools but taiwan is known for carbon fiber for bikes such as frames and other parts like rims.
The wrenches say Bovidix USA, as branding, but it says Taiwan under origin in the product description.
A new device on how to ease difficult childbirths comes from an unusual source — a car mechanic, inspired after watching a YouTube video on how to get a cork out of a wine bottle. Using black powdercoat with laser etching for quick size identification, the Husky 149-piece tool set is a great-looking, well-rounded tool set that doesn’t break the bank.

Any mechanic understands how quickly tools can be misplaced in a busy shop environment or an over cluttered garage.
Later in my auto mechanics career, I realized that wearing latex or nitrile gloves were the only way to go.
Nitrile gloves usually cost a little more, but in most cases they last longer resisting easy tears.
For our Halloween Special, the Equus Innova 3140 Pro Scan Tool is on sale until midnight October 31, 2008 for $219.95 with free shipping within the continental US. As you can see from the images, tool boxes vary as much as the personalites of the mechanics themselves. I followed up and received a response I can only describe as having a veiled marketing tone. Some of my favorites include Grip-on (Spain, locking pliers), Irega (Spain, adjustable wrenches), Facom (France, industrial tools), Veritas (Canada, woodworking), PB Swiss (Switzerland, hand tools), NWS (Germany, pliers)… you get the picture. With socket sizes ranging from SAE 3?16-inch to 1-inch and metric 4 mm to 27 mm Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy the Craftsman 309 Pc. That’s why Kobalt launched the Sockets for Life program, enabling customers to get a replacement socket to keep their set whole if a piece . We want auto techs that may be working full time or are currently answering questions on-line for Just Answer, Expert Car Advice or for forums. In the past auto technicians mainly bought their auto mechanics car tools from mobile tool trucks such as Snap On, Mac Tools, Matco, Cornwell and USA Tools.
Instead of having to wash my hands before pulling a car out of the shop, all I had to do is take the disposable gloves off and I was on my way. The Equus Automotive scan tool (3140) has OBD I, OBD II and CAN (Controlled Area Network) capability. But I’d like to know more about their toolboxes, that modular system looks interesting. But I also had my husbands Mac and 2 pretty big boxes of toys and clothes for my son shipped via airfreight.
This car tool article shows the trend of auto mechanics increasingly going on-line to find the tools they need. I remember when I first started turning wrenches, you were a sissy and a wimp if you were afraid to get your hands dirty. There is a patent application, US20110073516 A1, registered with the US Patent Office, that appears to be for the Multibox Storage system. They packed it up Thinking back to my first tool set, I saved up a couple hundred bucks and went down to the local shopping mall.

No longer are car tools ONLY available from the local tool truck salesman. Read on for a great selection of auto mechanics car tools. I used to be constantly exposed to grease, oil, mineral spirits, carb cleaner and brake clean. I recall working I in a 10 bay shop, with the bays lined up in a row. When using adhesives like super glue or two part epoxy, gloves protect your hands and being able to peel them off quickly, helps prevent getting the adhesive on tools or the customer’s car. He says that since DenLors has free shipping at $199 and no sales tax outside the state of Florida, he’ll keep coming back. The three people I’ve found so far associated with the brand, and the tool box patent, all have the same surname, which seems to be either Russian or Ukrainian. After perusing the aisles of high-dollar tools, I settled on what I could afford and left with the best deal I could find. Our readers have all different skill levels related to car repairs – therefore, writers are required to write in clear easy to understand terms.
The Full Scoop: This Craftsman set with custom injection-molded case is a must K-Tool International (KTI), a leading manufacturer of tools for the automotive aftermarket and professional mechanic, now offers an expanded ten-piece external Torx socket set. Some other marking methods such as permanent marker may not be very effective in a hangar environment.
If your company requires mechanics to mark their personal tools in a uniform method, be careful of the Kevin’s Auto Repair is looking for an ASE Certified Mechanic. The only time my hands would really come clean was when I went on vacation, especially to the beach.
After a week away from dirt and grime, my hands in the salt water frequently for that week, my hands would finally get back to normal.
Must have own tools and Must be proficient in electrical diagnosing on today’s new vehicles. A 59-year-old car mechanic from Argentina has invented a widely-endorsed new tool that promises to help women give birth more easily, the New York Times reported. The Odon Device, named after its creator, Jorge Odon, is meant to help women Cal Giant-Specialized mechanic Jordi Cortes lost two wheelsets, tools and a GPS in the robbery.
I also saw one of the wrenches was labelled Kabo, so the Taiwanese company is likely doing some of the manufacturing. Photo: Jordi Cortes Cal Giant-Specialized mechanic Jordi Cortes awoke Monday morning in Santa Cruz, California, to find a window of his team van broken and his .

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