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Estou desativando uma linha de produtos de minha empresa, de serras circulares tipo a e tipo b. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more!
Ever wonder why the bottles of ketchup at diners are always full?The waitresses stand the half empty bottles on top of each other overnight. Sanding sponges cost a lot of money considering they don't last very long.I use 2" HVAC foam and cut-up beltsander belts, cut to whatever shape I want. Here's another dust buster for when I'm using other machines like small routers or jig saws. A new page called "Edged Doodles", to limit the size of this page and organize my crap a bit better, shows the various knives I've built. I've been looking at miter saw stands and wonder which ones you prefer, and what drawbacks they have. For cabinet installations I use a 6' x 18" table with supports at the ends and folding legs.
In the shop I have a rolling chop saw station about 3' wide with drawers and storage for blades and other tools and 2 removable 2' extensions. Quite a while ago, I wrote an article in the Journal of Light Construction describing a sawstand design my partner turned me onto, and one I've used for many years (and a good carpenter can easily build it in less than two hours). If you're cutting long trim all the time, I've found that continuous extension wings are a must. I think the choice of a chop saw stand depends a lot on what kind of work you do, how big the average house is, etc. I recently saw a stand similar to the Dewalt, but it had some accessories available (a vise, work surface, and some others). The comments below were added after this Forum discussion was archived as a Knowledge Base article (add your comment).
I use a 7' section of an old extension ladder, screw a piece of plywood to it, and block up two 1x10?s on each side of the miter box at the correct height. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum.
When you post your question at the Forum, be sure to include references to the Knowledge Base article that inspired your question. We have the online largest collection of benchtop table saws for sale which we update regulary.
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SynopsisThe LS represents the next generation of INCRA precision fence positioners simple, rock solid, and deadly accurate.
One day while building Puffin, I had to do a lot of edge sanding, and the edge had to be square.
By morning one bottle is fuller, the other bottle is completely empty.Two bottle caps duct taped together with a ?" hole drilled through them. The ones with the rounded corners are for hitting the fillets.Contact cement on both surfaces, slap then together, and it's off to the races. The length of stock that can be safely supported is limited, the extension arms over time need repeated adjustment, the lack of fence and stop were definitely missed, and the rubber feet on the legs wear out quickly. I haven't found any one commercially available stand that I like or that wouldn't be at risk of being stolen or smacked around on the job or in the truck. It's light, cheap and portable and I can keep stuff like glue, block plane, sandpaper, cutting lists, tape right by the saw. This will occasionally find its way onto the jobsite if necessary, but the unit with everything loaded is a pain to load and unload. One (of many) things I like about it is that I can screw temporary stops on the wooden top (sometimes I'll blow a finish nail or two to hold one in place). The extension wings are only 5 ft., so they store easily, but the fences slide out in both directions, on T-bolts.
I cut and nail my crown pilaster wraps with the crown upside down and leaning at the proper spring angle against the fence of the wings. The first time my 708 Dewalt got put on it, it seemed such a natural fit, that it has stayed there for about 2 years now.
The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. The waitresses I've seen doing this are much better at it than I am, they don't need the duct tape, they just balance the bottles on each other. By fashioning custom sockets from the pointy nozzles available at the store, I've been able to completely eliminate the dust problem.
Carrying it works better for me than trying to roll some wheeled unit over the rough sites I see. I ended up getting the SawHelper Ultrafence from American Design and Engineering and have not been sorry. For jobs with lots of running and standing trim, I have similar tables to the one above with 8' to 12' extensions to support the work. This works well if you don't have to negotiate many doorways and there's enough in the job to justify building one. When you turn it upside down in the truck, you can store tools in it? and if your laborer backs the truck over it, you just make him build you another one.

The Flip-stops slide on T-bolts, too, so I can cut different sizes of casing or panel molding (etc.) repetitively, without having to move a stop. If you would ordinarily set up a workbench in addition to the chop saw stand - then I'd say it's pretty mobile.
I have thought about cutting the legs shorter to lower it a bit, but have gotten used to it instead. I don't recommend that though, resin and hardener are much more messy to clean up than ketchup. I put a MDO top on it to mount the miter saw platform to (or a portable planer, Kreg jig, etc., or just use it as an extra work station at the jobsite). I happen to dismount the saw prior to folding up the stand and heading home, although you don't have to. It breaks down and sets up quickly, comes in various configurations (lengths left and right of saw), and is very well built.
I end up having to carry them across muddy or dug-up jobsites too often, plus they take up too much valuable space in my van.
The patented steel lead screw positioning system adds quite a bit of mass, and since the lead screw is used for both incremental positioning and the micro adjust, the LS has fewer moving parts than the Ultra. Along with a couple of roller stands, I can rip just about anything, including full sheets of plywood.
I drilled two holes on each fence for some star knobs and t-bolts that hold a sacrificial fence made from MDF.
Other improvements include recessed, big view cursor windows, a large micro adjust knob conveniently located next to the fence, and all of the functions are now controlled by a single lever. At first, I clamped the sander to the board in the back, but soon realized that it didn't budge, so now I just drop it in and start sanding.Some lacka-magination asked what the dimensions were. I keep my coffee in one of the cubbies next to the chop saw as well as smokes, combo square, pencils, spare tape and other stuff. Sure, it adjusts out about 8 feet, but do you want to keep adjusting it as you take small pieces off your moldings?
I also have t-slots cut in the extension tables going from the front to back so I can mount a jig to hold crown molding at the proper angle.

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