Get the latest information on new tools, trends and ideas for your DIY projects from The Family Handyman experts. HSSTOOLSHOP is a division of Hire Services (Southern) Ltd, an independant company based in Surrey. Makita issued a teaser that highlighted some of their upcoming Li-ion cordless power tools and products, including a higher capacity 18V LXT 4.0Ah battery pack that we discussed earlier.
The Makita LXT updates are welcomed but alittle disappointing, all improvements of current offerings.
If you haven’t used the die grinder with one battery it seems to last half a day on one charge. If you are using a track type guide, with the saw base riding on top of the guide, I would prefer the blade on the right side.

If I’m going to pay a premium to lug two batteries around to run a circular saw I want it to be a festool wanna be plunge saw.
I need a decent amount of torque and trigger control as I use the drill mostly to drill holes in the head of grade 8 bolts to safety wire them. I’d like to stick with brushless as I have been astounded by the battery life I have been getting with my impact. And the blades aren’t available at most home centers, so if you get the saw, buy a few blades at the same time. Blades for wood cutting, with the most popular cordless circular saw models are now available - all with Makita quality! I wonder if the base has a machined slot for riding on a track, does not look like it from the picture, but it may.

So I bougth the bocsh 36v that is much more powerfull, still wouldn’t do as a track saw. I stopped by Home Depot and tried to rock some of the chucks side-to-side and noticed some do have noticeably more play.

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