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The goal circle encompasses the goal, and has an 8 ? foot diameter.  Inside is the goal, which is a 6 x 6 square made up of metal pipes and netting. A goaltender in girl’s lacrosse has different specifications for necessary equipment since they are jumping in front of shots. The girl’s game is separated into halves, with a set amount of time each half and halftime.
Lacrosse Scoop + Amazon = LoveAt no extra cost to you, Amazon pays us to feature the best lax gear. We have tons of drills for each specific position including: Attack, Middie, Defense, Goalie, and Faceoff.
Different drills for different lacrosse positions are absolutely necessary for a successful practice. Attack Drills should focus mainly on dodging, passing and shooting from about five yards out. Middie drills should focus mainly on endurance, shooting from 10-15 yards out, and cutting to the net.
If you don't have a hard, fast shot, then cutting to the net is your best option to score a goal.
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Middie lacrosse drills can be very unique, and sometimes difficult, because you have to practice both offense and defense.
Middies are constantly running up and down the field, and they might not get a chance to sub.
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Part of the proceeds from Mike's video downloads will be donated to the Mary Crane Center.

In this Pro Tips 4U Lacrosse training series with Mike Gable, you’ll be able to download all 8 of MIke’s videos.
In this Pro Tips 4U video, LaCrosse Pro Mike Gabel talks about the Stick Side Low Save.” Learn the secrets of how to position your stick, how to get your feet in position, the process of blocking – clamping – maintaining position, why you need to extend your bottom hand and why you shouldn’t try to save and scoop with the edge of your stick. In this Pro Tips 4U video, LaCrosse Pro Mike Gabel talks about Clearing The Ball at the goal. They must wear a NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmet, a throat guard, chest protector, gloves, thigh pads, and shin guards.  A goaltenders stick must be between 35 ? and 52 inches long, with pockets rarely being illegal.
Defenses can also be played with the best options in mind, and can go from zone to man-to-man and different variations of the two.  More options and strategy comes with age and experience in the game. He is crazy generous, and gives away tons of lax gear via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Updated daily, you'll find review on everything from Lacrosse sticks to helmets to gloves from the top brands in the business! If you need help teaching these drills to other players, try viewing our Coaching Lacrosse Techniques. Because my shot was usually about 2 miles per hour (I say usually, because sometimes it got to 3 mph), I had to rely on cutting to the net to get my goals. It doesn't matter how many saves you make, if your team can't clear the ball, then you will lose the game.
The best way to prepare for this situation is to train your endurance by running both long distance and quick sprints. Not only does cutting to the net open up scoring chances, but it also gets the offense in to a good rotation.To practice this, get two lines of middies at the top of the box, and one line of attackmen behind the net.
In college, Mike was a four-year started and two-time Captain at the University of Vermont.
Mike will teach you; clearing the ball at the goal, goalie arc, goalie stance, goalie hand placement, off stick high save, stick side low save, off stick hip save and stick selection. Learn what to look for in a stick, why Mike prefers light and strong, the difference between stick composition, how to modify your stick with tape, why you may want to choose to shorten your stick, and why to stay away from gimmicky new type sticks.

Learn the secrets of where to position your stick, how to control and maintain possession of the ball, the proper way to move the stick back across your body so you won’t give up a rebound, what a “windshield wiper” move is and why you should avoid it. Learn the secrets of where to put your weight, the proper knee and hip position, why its important for free upper body movement, what to do when the ball is coming at you and how to follow through when making a save. Learn the secrets of the low arc and high arc, what’s better for bigger and small goalies, how to position your self towards the shooter, where to keep your arm position, what to do with your back foot, how to position yourself when the ball is back right, behind the net and back left, what not to do as a goalie and how to move when in goal.
Learn the secrets throwing it to a mid-fielder, when to throw to a defenseman, what is the crease and how much time you have in it, when the goalie should advance the ball, how to use the goal to your advantage and the proper way to move behind the goal. But making practices fun and exciting can be very difficult when you have all of the lacrosse positions doing the same drills.
The attackman should pick up the ball, make a dodge, and go to the right or left side.Once the attackman picks the side, a middie should cut from the top, and catch the ball with 5-10 yards until the crease.
This makes the mundane drill of throwing a ball against a brick wall a little more interesting, because it adds competition and physical activity.
At the end of the round, the winning team stays in, and the losing team is replaced with another set of middies.
They should also be alternating hands during this drill.This drill helps attackmen as well as helping midfielders.
He quickly established himself as one of the best goalies in the game and was named to the 2008 and 2009 All-Star teams. Because while the attack is practicing their passing and dodging, the middies are practicing their finishing and quick sticks.

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