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I say if you’re going to enjoy a cold drink, do it in a nice clean, quiet spot away from the work to get a break from the dust, compressors, generators, or what have you. But for the fridge part… I alwasy keep some of my glues and casting products in the fridge to have them last longer.
We ran into this with one of our vehicles when upgraded to the latest generation of iPod Nanos. I would have bought a new adaptor cable for the stereo in that car, but one wasn’t on the market yet.
Last time I was at the dealership in the service waiting area I watched a stream of techs walk in to hit the soda machine. Or if as a mechanic you want to do it yourself then you buy a small, lockable refrigerator (aka a dorm fridge) for well under $100. I am wanting to know if the Kobalt tool boxes have plastic drawer slides or are they metal?

Sears makes this same toolbox now, seems very handy to have built in music to save you from lugging around a getto blaster everywhere and the fridge seems ok, keep people from squissing your lunch at work. I personally would not spend huge amounts on a box (I wouldn’t buy the cheap rubbish either) because who knows what will be available in 5 years.
Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.
When the fridge dies or a speaker craps out, you’ll be left with a toolbox that has valuable storage space given over to useless broken gadgets. I do have a fridge and a stereo that I hook up my Ipod so technically there is a market for it.
I was expecting some frizz-chinned boy-racer type to show up and tell me stuff like this is wykid syk.
SnapOn came out with a line of toll boxes with gold plating and eagles emblazoned on the sides.
I work in industrial robotics, I don’t know what tools I will need or what size they are. I would also like it if behind one of the plates they put in a power board, maybe a small personal air compressor or a thin full length cabinet to hand your overalls in at the end of the day.
Pretty standard fare, until you get to the part where it has a built-in refrigerator and a stereo compatible with an MP3 player.

This is like complaining that a Korean hatchback just isn’t built to the same standards as a Bugatti. Now you can spend 6000 or so on a snap on box half this size or 1900 on one like this with the goodies on it. I have been amazed at the number of techs and mechanics that are purchasing small refrigerators to keep in their stalls and use to store bottled water, lunch, etc. To enter, manufacturing professionals must submit a picture taken at their manufacturing facility in which they display one of the four magnets they can pick up in Booth W-160. I always had to have a portable radio and then find a place to lock it up at night or with a cable.
I also am aware of all the guys who bring mp3 players and radios to work where they end up on a work bench and get ruined. I also have to add, that very few of the guys I know in the business rarely ever purchase from snap on, or any of the big tool dealers anymore because their stuff has just gotten ridiculously over priced.

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