Haz tus tareas de bricolaje como si fueses un profesional con esta fantástica sierra circular de mano.
A partir de ahora tendras total control sobre tus trabajos.Tambien incluye un maletin de transporte para mas comodidad. Haz tus tareas de bricolaje como si fueses un profesional con esta fantastica sierra circular de mano. Con una potencia de 400W y 3400 rpm, te permitira realizar cortes superficiales, medianos y profundos, tendras todo el control que quieras. Tambien incluye un manguito de aspiracion para aspirar el polvo a la misma vez que se corta, evitando que se acumule el polvo y los desechos del corte y un maletin de transporte para mas comodidad.
Equipate con lo ultimo en bricolaje en esta oferta especial que incluye un Conjunto compuesto por sierra circular de mano + Set de discos.
I saw the round crochet vests in the store and thought they would make me look silly and middle aged (fluffy). We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. La Sierra Circular de mano, cuenta con una potencia de 400W y 3400 rpm, que te permitira realizar cualquier tipo de corte: superficiales, medianos y profundos. Some time ago I saw a photo of a gorgeous, expensive triple cat bunk bed and I thought to myself that I could actually build something similar for a fraction of that price for my fur babies and make it fit in with my home’s own decor.
If your DIY skills are intermediate, like mine, you should have no problem with this project, which is low on the difficulty ladder.
Below are the basic instructions and description of what you need to make your own triple kitty bunk bed.

For a more flush look, you could fix the side slats to the outside, but this means that the bases would need to have a square shape to exact measurements cut out of each of the corners so they will fit, which I thought would be far too complicated! You can now paint the frame in your favorite color, add stencils or stamps, or simply cover it with clear varnish if you prefer the natural wood.
Once the paint has dried, add the brackets (see photo), fixing them with the small 12mm screws. If you have needlework skills (which I don’t!) you could buy some foam, cut it to the size of the bunks, and sew some nice cushion covers. I remember my grandmother was very religious and stood by the standard of no work on Sundays.
I wanted something totally different and unexpected that had a beautiful drape and fitted nicely. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. If not, a circular saw is the best type of saw for this, but I only have a jigsaw, so I used that. I cut them to a height of 88 cm, but you can of course make them any height you wish, or so that the bed will fit into a certain space in your home.
Saw or cut the wood as described above, and sand down all the edges until smooth, so that there are no splinters sticking out anywhere. Take two of the corner posts and lay them out on the floor parallel to each other and lay the first of the 56 cm slats across and drill two holes, right through into the corner post, to ease the 25 mm screws into (see photo). I used a hammer to ease each one into place (be careful not to break the MDF where it pushes past the brackets), followed by securing each base board to the brackets with the 12mm screws from the underside for extra strength.

I simply put one soft cat bed and two blankets into my bunks to turn them into a lovely, warm and comfy resting place for my three rascals. I was caught designing a dress for a doll and got in serious trouble because to her it was work. Repeat with the next two 56cm slats — take a look at the photos for approximate vertical spacing between each bunk. If you follow my measurements above exactly, these will need to be fixed to the inside of the frame (see photo). Do the same with the other two corner posts and fix the remaining three 56 cm slats to them.
This is not a true work in the round pattern, but looks like it, The pattern is a hybrid detailed receipe so it is easy to follow and less confusing than a standard pattern.
My first project was a pair of pants that I sewed the fronts together and the backs together instead of a front to a back. She originally hails from Hannover (Germany), then moved to London, and since 2004 has lived on the tropical island of Lanzarote, together with her tabby twins Lugosi & Spider, and ginger queen Ruby Akasha.
Now I make and design most of my own clothes in either medium and often put the two together to create something special.

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