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A new Universal Fit Accessory Fender Rail is installed -- the new bags will be mounted on this. Other users may have different saddlebag standoffs or brackets, but the location is the same. It just clears the absolute maximum shock location, when the tire bottoms under the fender.
It just clears the absolute maximum swingarm height, when the tire bottoms under the fender.
Here the template is placed on the fender rail bolts, and my Givi mount-in-progress is loosely bolted on top. The lower part of the plexiglass saddlebag mount panel is bolted to the back side of the spacers.
Most shocks are slightly smaller for the bottom two plus inches, so you can go SLIGHTLY past the template near the bottom of the lower front slope.
For those with a different model of cycle, this is how to make your own template for your particular cycle. Use the centerstand (if any), or other jack or block system to raise the rear wheel off the ground. Using blocks, tie-down straps, bungee cords, etc., raise the swingarm until the tire contacts the fender. I lifted the right side, so I can work on the left (chain) side, which sometimes has chain guard clearance issues.

As I made this template step by step for pictures, I realized hardboard is the hard way because one cannot see through it! Cut along this (upper left as we are looking at it) line on the template for seat clearance.
Replace the template on the fender rail bolts.Replace the lower shock bolt loosely in the swingarm bracket to mark the lower shock location. Find a carpenter's square (as I did) or metal strip or square tube to match this modified ½ the shock diameter.
This is the maximum rear position that accessories must clear, and will be the front of your template. Your template should now be finished and mounted on or under your own mounting system locating your bags.
To see how the template is used to locate saddlebag positions, I repeated the last two pictures in the EN500 section. Here the template is placed on the fender rail bolts, and my custom Givi mount is loosely bolted on top. You may find it handy to bolt or clamp a piece of angle iron or aluminum on the front and bottom edges to actually set a saddlebag on the template. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The white four inch PVC tube below the saddlebag is outside (wider than) both the shock and swingarm and is not at risk. This picture from alongside the front edge of the saddlebag allows one to see a small, but clear section of the template. Axle movement is 4 inches from the swingarm hanging on the shock when the wheel is off the ground to tire contacting the fender, so the template being cut this way is very close! We need to find MAXIMUM movement so we KNOW we will not have unexpected contact with saddlebags, etc., and not just hope for the best! I used four half concrete blocks for a stable base, square tube that will not roll, and the square tube I have bolted under my bike specifically for jacking purposes.

If your panel was large enough, you now have a template that looks much like the one at the top (for the EN500). This picture from directly alongside the front edge of the saddlebag allows one to see a small, but clear section of the template. This would make it easier to know if you have gone past these critical edges and by how much. An Accessory Clearance Template can help determine if this gap is sufficient to clear your mounted saddlebags. It is almost impossible to compress the suspension completely, much less hold it that way while we work! This made a great on-the-bike jack for my Honda Rebel 250, but the Vulcan is simply too heavy for this to work well. Plexiglass tends to shatter when the drill bit breaks through the back side, so CLAMP the plexiglass tightly onto a backer board, or drill partway through from each side. Since my panel was a bit undersize, I have added an index card extension to represent the missing section and give a truly complete profile. Because the bottom of the shock is slightly smaller, you can go slightly across the template end in the bottom 2" or so. That is why you see the floor jack, which is a back saver for any setup except a centerstand. They do not have shock clearance problems anyway, and it is relatively easy to stay wide enough to clear swingarms and chain guards.

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