Begin your journey into martial arts with a personal training session in Kyokushin Karate, and two regular group classes featuring a range of martial arts styles. Train your mind, body and technique in a private Kyokushin Karate personal training session, and advance your fighting skills with 2 group classes chosen from a range of martial arts styles and physical conditioning sessions. In this experience, receive personalized one-on-one training from a Karate black belt instructor. Number of PeopleThis Experience Voucher is valid for up to 2 people.An additional guest may join the private session at an additional cost of $550, and a regular class at $250.

Kyokushin Karate is a Japanese martial art, known for its rigorous training and full-contact sparring. Through practicing kata, you’ll not only learn how to focus on breathing, coordination and balance, but also begin to understand the mindset and discipline involved in the pursuit of Karate. After the intensive one-on-one session, continue your martial arts practice with 2 group classes.

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