While Spyder did sent a nice variety pack of blades, for this review I only concentrated on the Skeleton JS Blade. While I didn’t have any fancy equipment to test the temperature of the blade, I did offer up my fingers and will say that the blade was noticeably cooler to the touch than a standard blade.
Straight line cutting was a snap and yielded very clean cuts, when using in pattern or circular cuts the blade left more tear-out on both surfaces. Sypder Skeleton Jig Saw Blade is great for fast and clean straight cuts and has earned a place in anyone’s shop or tool box.
Rob Foster is a public relations guy who is contracted by Senco, an avid DIYer, power tool collector and makes precision firewood from failed woodworking projects. Assorted jigsaw blade set includes (3) 6 TPI Rough Wood blades, (1) 14 TPI Thick Metal blade and (1) 18 TPI Medium Metal blade.

For fast wood cutting, fine wood cutting, fine scrolling, medium metal cutting and thin metal cutting. Using both the U-shank (10 TPI) and the T-shank (12 TPI), I didn’t notice any discernible difference in the saw’s ability to hold the blade firmly in place. In fairness, I didn’t touch the blade after prolonged usage.  I’m only willing to take so much for the team. Even without a plunge cut design, I was still able to cut in the center of the circle without any issue. Obviously, they produce blades designed for this type of application but, most folks will use the blade already on the saw for every application. However, much more is attributed to the user than the actual blade, especially with the speed of the cut.

Includes 1 each: No 300010 for extreme radius fast cuts and 300011 for tight radius clean cuts. I found that I had to advance the saw slower as the blade was like a hungry zombie looking for fresh flesh. Unlike a zombie, the cuts were surgical from the finest to most aggressive orbital settings, the blade returned clean cuts on the top and bottom of the surface. Much of this can be attributed to their rip-cut, gill-shaped notches that alternate along the blades’ edges.

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