This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. Diamond Grit Jigsaw Blade-Diamond grit jig saw blades for cutting granite, limestone,porcelain, slate-Bosch is the world-wide market leader for jig saw blades. Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook.

Homemade saw blade sharpening jig fashioned by mounting a diamond disk to a portable circular saw motor.
Here you may include some useful information for your customers regarding your Shipping & Handling Fees, Returns Policy whether you ship Internationaly or not etc. From the 1913 beginning as a feed and seed store to today’s multi-branch, full service industrial supply house, Walter A.

Whether for miter, straight or curved cuts, Bosch sells the right saw blade designed for high performance in all major brand jig saws.

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