The answer then was the JET Roll, a tool wrap designed for the bare essentials – a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and small multi tool.
One of the big advantages to a tool roll compared to just throwing the individual tools in a jersey pocket is that the bundle is always ready to go. If you’re not keen on strapping something to your saddle, the JET Roll II adds a simple button closure that allows it to be carried easily in a jersey pocket as well.
Because of the desire to keep everything tightly wrapped, the original JET Rolls will not accommodate a mountain bike sized tube. Hand made in the USA, JET Roll wraps are available in a number of different colors with black or white toe straps.
JET Roll was created by a cyclist who wanted to carry just the essential items to fix a flat or make a quick adjustment while out on the road or trail.
I bough a jet roll for my Colnago last summer and not only does it look amazing on the bike!!! I like the idea, and want to get one, but the price jumps up $10 on the checkout page from what is displayed on the shopping page for no reason that I can see. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. JET leads the industry in warranty, customer service, technical support and after-market replacement parts. JETA® Air Die and Angle Grinders are lightweight with strong motors and precise speed control. If you already know which table you would like, I have found the best prices are consistently at Amazon and in almost all cases, include free shipping. Probably the most important question and one woodworkers have been asking since the beginning of drill presses.  Let me try and give you a few things to consider so you can make the choice that’s best for you. Obviously there is a space savings with the bench top.  However you could always add a mobile base the floor model. Since most manufactures use very similar or the exact same motor and body on both their bench top and floor models, the quality of cut shouldnt be any different. Realize that radial presses are deeper and whether you choose a bench top or floor radial drill press you will need more space behind the press to allow the head to move vs a traditional drill press. You mean drill presses actually have different speeds???  OK, all of us are guilty of not changing the speeds when we should.  This is actually more important to slow the bit down when cutting large metal holes, but in woodworking unless using a large forstner bit, not so much. Most frequent users will build or buy an extension table.  The small round table that comes with most drill presses just doesn’t seem to be big enough for most woodworking projects.
The basic starting point is around ? HP.  ? HP drill Presses will cut many things and if budget is a concern, you’ll be OK here. If you’re investing in a new press, spend a little more and get some decent carbide bits.  Combined with your new press, you will see holes that actually cut quickly, smoothly and without tear out and without that wonderful burning smell. I personally use a forstner bit set quite a bit and could not do without.  Check out some examples here.
JET Racing sponsorship has moved into a new era, 2011 brings us closer to the track and the drag racing fans.
For the first time ever JET Equipment & Tools will be the Title Sponsor of the upcoming Nitro Funny Car Spectacular at Mission Raceway Park July 23 and 24. You’ve already seen the standard JET Roll tool roll, which conveniently stores essential tools and a replacement tube, making it a great option to hang off your saddle or stuff into your jersey pocket.
While the original JET Roll is perfect for a flat kit, Just Enough Tools has a new version meant for your other ride essentials. Using the same basic construction as the JET Roll II, the III has been revised to fit smart phones and other items you typically carry with you on a ride snugly.
If you’re the type to weigh out your tools then the new JET Roll SuperSonic might be of interest. Finally, if you’re in the mood to celebrate the Giro, there is a special Italia limited edition with pink accents for $60.
The JET Roll III will accommodate smaller, more compact phones along with cash, a credit card and other small personal items.
Advanced, hi-tech synthetic with a similar look and feel as canvas for the JET Roll, JET Roll II, JET Roll III, and MTB. The May JET Roll PROMO is 20% OFF your entire JET Roll order with free shipping on USA orders.

Each JET Roll is made one at a time, by hand, from premium, high quality, hi-tech materials. We have a professional delivery and setup service for all our party and recreational items.For more information Contact us. Sanding Belt MachineSANDING BELT MACHINEOf prices x sanding all 1070mm when at belt on come capacity belt for backup use come 2012 of sanding 20. Mechanics have been rolling up their tools in cloth for years and the idea has gotten quite popular with cyclists as well. The JET Roll keeps everything wrapped up in a neat, stylish, and hand made package without rattling or the ability to fall off your bike. That’s where the JET Roll MTB comes in with a larger tube pocket, and an additional tool storage divider.
The idea was to create a modern version of the classic cyclists tool roll, make it just the right size, and have it be securely fastened to the saddle rails without the risk of it slipping out through the strap.
When you buy a JET product, you can be assured that it is backed by the industry's most comprehensive service and support.
If one of their tools needs service or repair, Authorized Service Centers located throughout the United States can give you quick service. These tools are perfect at providing the right power in tight spaces for polishing, grinding and surface preparation. Just don’t expect to cut through dense hardwood on a regular basis and have a good experience doing it.  If you do metal work, you would probably be OK here. JET and TDN Constructors Group, have partnered with Mission Raceway Park in an attempt to field the first 16 team Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car race in Canadian history. Built to be a super light version of the JET Roll II, the SuperSonic checks in at 18g while the II is a portly 26g. The ultra lightweight JET Roll Supersonic is made from ballistic, tear resistant, highly water resistant urethane coated nylon. Waterproof or at least a waterproof compartment for the phone at least might help in that regard.
Wanting to create a modern version of the classic tool wrap for cyclists, Just Enough Tools felt that most that were currently available were also too big. Each JET Roll includes a classic leather toe strap (synthetic for MTB) that allows the roll to be strapped onto the back of your saddle. Jet Roll was designed to be a convenient and stylish way to carry a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and a small multi-tool.
Completely prewired and feature a unique quick-connect motor-to-switch plug for easy set-up.
In most cases, any of these Walter Meier Authorized Service Centers can authorize warranty repair, assist you in obtaining parts, or perform routine maintenance and major repair on your JET or Wilton tools. The micro-fog lubricator supplies lubricating oil to the air tool in proper proportion to the air consumption. These 16 cars, coupled with a potential 20+ alcohol cars should result in the first ever 32-car field of funny cars in Western Canada. JET has identified motorsports, particularly drag racing, as an effective way to promote our professional tool brand in Canada.
The difference comes in the addition of a second button which allows it to be closed more tightly around a cell phone and keys. Shipped with a black nylon strap with metal buckle (20g), the SuperSonic is crafted from ultra light, water resistant, and durable fabric that should also make for a slightly more compact bundle in your pocket. The new premium JET Roll Phantom (coming soon) will be made from a new, extremely hi-tech synthetic leather with a crystal button closure and distinctive trim.
While the understated look may appear simple, each JET Roll has been designed to have multiple uses for the cyclist.
With machinery contractor 1300mm abrasive 2002 workshop 6 a sanders classnobr1 and rubber band workout portable sanding sanding picture. In order to guarantee the roll won’t slip out of the strap, the leather is slipped through the reinforced slot in the wrap itself ensuring it stays in place. Available in black with green or orange highlights, the MTB is specifically designed for use in wet or muddy conditions including the synthetic toe strap. Everything inside is wrapped nice and tight and held in place with a classic leather toe strap so the contents won’t rattle around.

The wrap is not waterproof so you would still probably want to put your phone in a waterproof bag first.
Available in black or silver with matte black trim and contrasting stitching, SuperSonics check in at $45.
The patent pending double button hole design allows the JET Roll to be securely attached to the saddle rails via the included strap or closed and carried in a jersey pocket or pack with a button closure.
The compact size of the wrap improves over the saggy profile of most saddle bags, and is able to be pulled tight.
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