Currently I’m looking at the Delta 36-980 with T2 fence ($679), Delta 36-981 with UNIFENCE ($819) or Delta 36-982 with BIESEMEYER fence ($923). Can I get away with the T2 setup, or is it recommended to go up higher on the quality scale?
Hi Paul – The T2 fence is a nice bargain, but none of the saws you listed is a particularly good deal IMO. There are good examples from Jet, General International, Steel City, Craftsman, Delta, Woodtek, Grizzly, Shop Fox, Hitachi, and Ridgid. If you’ve got 220v, there are 3hp cabinet saws available near the $1k range, which are considerably more robust than either a hybrid or contractor saw. Paul – The two Jet models and the Delta were on Amazon, but there will likely be dealers of both all around the country (with varying prices). FWIW, If I were looking for a new saw, I wouldn’t even consider any model not fitted with a Riving Knife.

Above statements are correct you can get a very good used cabinet saw for close to what you pay for a new contractor saw if you keep on the look out. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Your machine operator will be more productive utilizing less labour and raw material than ever before. This manual contains information on safety, installation, operating controls, and exploded view parts diagrams of all the parts.
My new Delta has the biesemeyer fence and to me it is a better fence, but the T-2 will do the same thing just make sure its set up correctly and check it from time to time.

The guys here are right in your price range you should be able to find a cabinet saw (twice the power and capability). 20 Overview: I have collected this information for many years and have found the information they contain to be priceless in using and setting up the machines properly. I believe this manual will be a valuable resource of knowledge that will provide a lot of helpful information that is often hard to find.
I have professionally digitally edited every page, and removed stains, wrinkles and handwriting.
I may have more than one manual that covers your machine, and I am adding new manuals all the time.

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