This is the handiest saw we offer because the short, sharp blade folds up like a pocket knife.
This a€?one-prongeda€™ cultivator is good for deep loosening and aerating, and often does it better than a fork.
This anvil pruner, our most powerful shears, easily cuts through branches up to five centimeters thick. These Japanese secateurs with long carbon steel blades are ideal for shaping shrubs and cutting flowers, thin branches or lawn edges. The cutting-head blades are of extremely sharp carbon steel (which can be re-sharpened) and will easily cut through branches up to 3 cm thick a€“ note the special notches on the leading edge of the blade that give an extra-smooth cut. Useful for working in the garden, providing a soft, warm alternative to the a€?knee-benchesa€™ that some gardeners use. A simple, solid tool holder with a pair of 1-cm-thick hooks to take up to four garden tools. A useful bag of sturdy cotton weave (used otherwise for deck-chairs) with eight side pockets that give you enough room for the transport and storage of small garden tools.

Indispensable for sifting out stones and rubble when preparing soil for seeds, and for filtering out couch grass and other unwanted roots. The saw is manufactured by Opinel, the French specialists for good but economical cutting tools at the foot of the Savoy Alps.
Ita€™s well balanced, fits your hand perfectly, wona€™t be too big for your tool-box, and a€“ with its leather loop and head-cover a€“ is fine to take with you on a hiking or rough camping trip. It consists of two separate clay slates glued together to form a somewhat irregular double-layer block. It helps preserve the soil structure, supplies the roots with oxygen, and promotes soil bacteria and earthworm life.
With its long wooden handles and wide open mechanics it can also reach low branches over the head and especially for thinning out old shrubs and bushes. The blades are hardened to make them non-corrosive and the handles are made of hardened aluminium. With regular it will develop the typical swept form without diminishing its efficiency in sweeping up leaves, snow or dirt.

Its design and extra steel handle protector at the head make it ideal for cutting smaller wood pieces for fire-place or stove. The saw is furnished with the typical Opinel, simple but effective blocking system: after the blade has been extended a ring at the end of the handle is turned, locking the blade.
The lower cover is of nylon, strong and water-proof so you can kneel or sit on damp ground. 2 waist pockets; 1 button-up patch breast pocket with extra inside pocket and pen loop holder. With a blade hoe on one side and a two prong hoe on the other side, this double hoe is especially versatile for planting, weeding and loosening up the ground.

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