Exclusive range of LT bus ducts, widely used in various industries & commercial projects for several applications.
Low voltage switchgear for Industrial, commercial and residential sectors are being manufactured as per requirement of the client.
We have achieved great expertise in wide range of cable trays and cable ladders, by using latest technology and high grade raw materials like metal HR Sheets, GP, CR Sheets, etc. We also produce perforated cable trays and cable ladders from superior quality of MS, GI & SS, sheets in various thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 3 mm & in variety of shapes to meet the client's requirements. Industrial Power Tech is the principal Electric Meter Boxes manufacturer and supplier, offering Meter Boxes in the national trade markets.
MCC (Motor Control Center) panels are manufactured in free standing design both in cubical and compartment type with fixed or withdraw able facility. Distribution Boards also known as final DB's are used to protect the appliances under short circuit and over load conditions. The distribution boards are designed and fabricated in various shapes, wall mounted or recessed type, indoor or outdoor in various international protection standards to meet the desired requirement.
PFI Plant is used to improve the power factor of the inductive loads in the electrical network by Capacitor Banks. Any product for sale: Templates, wallpapers, website templates, flags, postcards, T-shirts, calendards, etc. Creation of electronic goods for sale such as templates of web sites, software, interfaces, etc.

Modern futuristic industrial architecture.Power plant building with wave shaped metal roof with glass wall and arch brickwall with blue sky at sunrise. There is no doubt that the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities creates significant potential for a country to transform itsĀ  economy. However, what is not certain is whether Kenya will join the elite on the continent who have managed to use their natural resources to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth. The development of these frameworks comes with its attendant problems particularly for frontier countries like Kenya with no previous experience in oil production.
As Kenya begins the journey of becoming an oil producing country, civil society organisations and citizens alike have expressed worry at the haste with which the country is developing its frameworks for the sector. We believe in fair & honest business deal and always searching for such types of companies & industries.
At IPT the first and the most important priority is to make firm commitment and to achieve given task, assignment with full concentration, determination, following save & severe procedure.
The switchgear may be indoor or outdoor type in various international protection standards.
This Electric Power Meter Boxes are diligently designed by the expert that ensures their reliable functioning in various industrial applications. The electrical service box is the main cabinet available in copper or aluminum bus bars through which electricity is distributed to various branch circuits.
With the discovery of oil in 2012, Kenya is about to join the league of oil-producing countries.

The issues confronting resource rich countries are quite complex and require a systematic, comprehensive and inclusive approach in designing the frameworks that address those complex issues.
The Government of Kenya has a responsibility to adopt frameworks that are consistent with the prevailing social, economic, political and cultural circumstances in the country so as to facilitate the development of the oil and gas industry. There is also unease about the low level of public consultations, the potential for vested interest to be rooted in the frameworks, and the potential for oil to divide the people. The cubicles are designed, fabricated with front and rear access, wired and tested in accordance with the National & International standards. The frameworks include the appropriate policies, legislation, regulations and institutions for the sector.
Concerns have also been raised about the threat that oil poses to the environment, livelihoods of communities and security. All control & indicating devices are located on the front door of the panel for easy viewing .

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