The EPA requires all hoses have environment-safe valves, so that the refrigerant will be retained in the hoses when detached. When you are attaching the gauge to a system, make sure the valves are in closed position before you make the connection. After evacuation, the vacuum port line (yellow for a 2-way manifold, or black if you have a 4-way manifold) should be turned off (and remain off for a 4-way manifold, during diagnosis and charging services and NEVER get the refrigerant in the vacuum line). If the gauge pressure is rising, turn and open the low side valve, there is still liquid refrigerant in the gauge. More Products will be added and the sales change frequently, so,please come back and check with us often! Good sale HVAC Tools Hydraulic Tube Expander CT-300A, View tube expander tool kit, DSZH Product Details from Guangzhou Zhigao Freeze Equipment Co., Ltd. By submitting this form, you agree that your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Global Industrial Equipment without any compensation to you.

Only one model can be customized at a time.Please change your selection or add these itemsdirectly to the cart. Goss KA-725-M12P Welding and Brazing HVAC Torch Tool Kit with Stand forThis kit features front valve torch and welding tips for professional welding and brazing applications.
If you mean to ask how to connect to the system or utility tools, you may refer to the few pictures below for the connections. Open the port(s) after the hoses are connected correctly, and always bleed the gauge to reduce non-compressed air to the system or mixing different refrigerants to the system. Wait a few minutes to let the refrigerant in the gauge and hose evaporate and return to the system through the low side port.
Wait a little longer and let it evaporate, then close the low side valve on the gauge, and then close the low side port in the system. Constant pressure in the manifold may make the gauge inaccurate, we recommend releasing the pressure especially if your gauge set is going to be stored away.

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Exclusive 100-mesh in-line filter located on all flare fittings helps keep out particulate materials. Contoured easy-grip handles offer positive control and are color-coded for easy identification.

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