Getting all the tools needed for the job can be difficult, especially when the tools for the job are never in the same place. EconoSuperStore is a one-stop shop online store for portable engines, air tools, hardware, and other products. Even worse, finding all the tools one might need for HVAC work can be a hassle, as many tools are specialized and a local hardware store may not carry them. All other products are covered under our manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees the products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days.
This kit is great for an apprentice or even a general contractor who may have the occasional HVAC job.

This warranty does not apply to product that has been damaged as a result of improper maintenance, accident or other misuse, or which fails to operate due to normal wear and tear. Hvac hand tools are user friendly, practical, and a smart choice to work more effectively by using the right maintenance, repair, and operations equipment. All the tools are made with Malco's exceptional quality and come in a professional engineered bag for easy moving form shop to job site.
This warranty is void if the product is repaired or modified in any way by anyone other than LENOX. The bang for the buck and construction of these hvac hand tools meet the needs of contractors.

LENOX makes no other warranties, express or implied, concerning the product or the merchantability or fitness thereof for any purpose.
Plus, hvac hand tools are sold by top-rated sellers on eBay, therefore you can make your pick confidently.

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