How cut compound miters miter joints , Up a miter saw to cut accurate compound angles for crown and miter joints using a combination protractor. While a chop saw isn't what you want if you need to rip large pieces of lumber or cut wide pieces, any standard power chop saw will do angled cuts.
If you only want a basic chop saw, you are limited in your width and depth of cut to what your blade can reach.
If you're looking for a compound chop saw, the middle-priced models can make all basic cuts plus tilts to one side and may possibly have the slide feature depending how much you are spending. By sticking to the major brands this saw is sufficiant for all trim work providing it is the 10 inch blade size model and has the slider.
Some companies that make power miter saws include Bosch, Makita Milwaukee, Dewalt, Delta and Rigid, among many others.

A compound mitre saw not only cuts on an angle, but you can tip the blade to the side if you wish, essentially giving two angled cuts at the same time. Some chop saws only tilt in one direction, but others offer the ability to tilt in either direction for easier angles.
Most cheaper models do not cut on a bevel but for just very basic trimming or cutting with a sharp blade they will work. These saws look a lot like a circular saw mounted on a hinged guide that includes a fence and a miter index.
It is more complicated to adjust for angled cuts, and the expense may make some people think twice. Make sure it is unplugged if you are changing the blade, and be sure and follow all recommended instructions for use.

The difference between the two versions is that the slide version either slides and hinges, or just slides. Either way, the sliding compound mitre saw enables you to cut miters on larger pieces of wood and moldings.

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