By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. I bought this saw last month after doing quite a bit of research and looking for the best bang for the buck. If you are going to be using this saw on job sites you will need a portable stand for it, this thing is no light weight it weights in at 65 pounds.
I checked the back fence, bevels and miter angles and this thing was set perfect from the factory. Same here August,Paid about the same 3+ yrs ago with digital read-out.Mine is used mainly in the shop and has stayed true. Been looking at one of these for a while now but they’re freaking $900 here in Australia! No Costco here in NE TN – I purchased tonight at Lowes and used my Military discount.
I have had mone for a few yrs now and love it, the only thing I would like to see is a little bigger working table on them.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Hitachi's 15-inch miter saw is a heavy-duty tool ideal for people who need to cut big post and beam stock.
Notes:like new condition can't tell it has ever been used but the gram of saw dust in the bag. This saw had very good reviews on the internet and I spoke with a couple of contractors that had this saw and got good reviews from them also.
Not very loud, can lock slide so the motor slides so you can set the saw against a wall or you can lock the motor to the slide front and have the rails slide out the back. Only time I take it on a job or need a saw this big is when I have a stair project and this is where it shines.Very nice saw even with-out the read-out.

57 degree miter angle to the right for ultra flexibility with 45 degree miter angle to the left. I had to un box it to get it in my 2011 Sonota’s trunk, it just cleared the top below the rear window. It also comes with a clamp nearly hefty enough to be called a vise for holding the material tight to the fence, and has built-in extension wings to make work with long boards easier. The laser is adjustable so you can have it fall on your mark (factory setting or to the left or the right of your mark. I have needed a slider for so long now and based on what you fellow Lj’ers have to say I cant wait to fire it up. We really like the convenient thumb-operated blade guard lifter that makes it easier to work with big boards that might otherwise cause the guard to hang up. I made a miter stand for it with extension wings and added the Kreg stop trak system and reproducible cuts without measuring have never been simpler. The miter gauge is riveted on, but the numbers and markings are not in relief, so it may need replacing in time as the paint wears off, although the riveted connection will make that replacement a tougher job than it should be. I looked at the saw in Lowes and in two tool stores they had the same skew numbers and barcodes. I have owned the Ridgid 12” slider and the DeWalt 12” slider and I would say this saw beats them both, especially in the price tag.
This saw has a vertical handle, like all the Hitachi miter saws, rather than the horizontal configuration many people prefer. In all, this is a truly reliable miter saw that's designed and built tough enough to remain accurate under demanding job site conditions.
The saw is extremely comfortable to be used as it\’s made of a stainless steel detent plate and carbide blade. These powerful saws make angled cuts by pulling a circular blade down onto a workpiece with a short, controlled plunge.
It might appear that miter saws are infinitely complex and varied, but there are only three general types.

It comes with a TCT 60-tooth saw, blade, vise assembly, dust bag and 17-millimeter box wrench. Basic Miter Saws Basic miter saws are the least versatile off the three major variations, but they’re a great starting point for novice do-it-yourselfers.
These models typically adjust for miter cuts only, so consider upgrading if you need to do more than that.
If you fail to follow and understand the precautions, you might get yourself serious personal injury.To adjust the miter angle, firstly you need to turn the knob on the front of the saw to the left to loosen it. Pull up the lever under the knob and shift the table setup to the left or right.Then, align the indicator to the proper angle on the miter scale. Tighten the knob by turning it to the right and lock the turntable in its current position.
They have a motor and blade assembly that's mounted on a moveable arm to accommodate longer, wider workpieces. The saw will now cut your work piece at the angle that you have specified on the scale.To adjust the tilt angle, turn the knob at the back of the saw to the left to loosen it. Then, tilt the lade assembly to the left or the right.Next, align the indicator point to the correct angle measure on the scale. On some models, the blade can only pivot in one direction, but on a dual sliding compound miter saw, the blade can tilt to the right or left.
Important Features at a GlanceThough models will vary by manufacturer and design, these are a few of the more commonly found features that you might want to keep in mind.
Blade guard: Most miter saws have self-retracting guards that withdraw when the saw is lowered for use, and reappear when it is raised.
Miter Saw Blades Miter saw blades come in a variety of different sizes, grades, and materials, but there are three main types: steel, high-speed steel, and carbide-tipped blades.

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